Hollyoaks’ Ashley Taylor Dawson (Darren Osbourne) says new Dog set leaves nowhere to hide! And Dodger’s Back (swoon)

So last night saw the grand re-opening of the Dog in the Pond on Hollyoaks, and what a re-opening it was!

Fans of the show will know that Riley commissioned the pub refurb in order to erase the last dark memories of Silas from everyone’s minds, so for the best part of a month we have been waiting for the new look Dog!

Ashley Taylor-Dawson, who plays pub manager, Darren Osbourne in the hit teen drama, has spoken to Inside Soap magazine,telling them how the new look set has created more of a party atmosphere amongst cast filming there, and how as opposed to the last set, where extras could hide in nooks and crannies,the new Dog is left wide open!

“The old set had lots of nooks and crannies, so often people in the background weren’t needed for every shot because they’d be out of sight of the camera,” Taylor-Dawson explains.

“But now everyone can be seen – there’s nowhere to hide – so pub filming days are like one big party. We get excited and everybody messes around. There’s usually someone shouting, ‘Shut up!’ It’s mayhem.”

However, the good spirit surrounding the pub is not set to last as the Savages are due to return (commence screaming with excitement and joy right about now) next week, and set up home in a boat house next to the pub, infuriating Darren’s dad, Jack (Jimmy McKenna).

Dawson explained: “[Jack] asks Darren to find out when they’ll be moving the boat, but Darren’s not all that bothered because Dodger is his mate.

“So Jack tells the Savages that if they don’t move their boat, he’ll take them to court because they’re putting his livelihood at risk. And this is just the beginning of the rivalry between the Osbornes and the Savages.”

Dodger (Danny Mac) has already been been off our screens for far too long (at UnrealityTV we have been constantly rewinding our recent interview with him, just to hear his voice since he left at the beginning of the week), so his return has been the best bit of news since England beating Sweeden in last nights Euro-thingy!

I know Savage week is officially over, but if you are missing it as much as we are, here is the enchanted forest trailer for you to enjoy:

Hollyoaks can be seen  weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4/ Channel4 HD.