Hollyoaks Blast Spoilers: Show confirm Browning, Clare, Doug and Ash are dead on Twitter, and fifth death will be revealed later in the week – but will it be Leanne or Dodger?

by Anna Howell


After last night’s dramatic First View episode of Hollyoaks, the show’s official Twitter site put to rest any doubt we may have had over the outcome of the four character’s seeming to have died after the explosion.

Last night E4 viewers would have watched in horror as Ash Kane (Holly Weston) was carried out lifeless by her fiancé, Will Savage (James Atherton) who had tried to kill her himself moments before the explosion finished the job for him.

Also amongst the seemingly dead were Clare Devine (Gemma Bissix) who could be seen sealed in a body bag after being mowed down by Dr Browning (Joseph Thompson) who was later killed himself by his wife, Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) who he had also been trying to kill.

Whist the three above seemed to be pretty definitive in the death count, fans were left gobsmacked and desperate for a last minute reprieve when one of the shows most loved characters, Doug Carter (PJ Brennan) seemed to take his last breath, and many began hoping that it was a red herring (despite the fact that Sinead confirmed the news to Danny at the hospital).


But now the show has taken to Twitter to confirm the news by publicly thanking the actors who played the four corpses, as well as stating that they would be missed, Tweeting:

‘We want to say a massive thanks to the awesome @peejaybrennan, @Gemma_Bissix, @hollyrweston & @AGuyCalledJoe. We’re going to miss you guys!’
One person who seems to be particularly sneaky when it comes to being killed off, Gemma Bissix who played Clare DeVine, also took to the site to confirm that this time her character was well and truly dead, and thanking fans for their support Tweeting:

‘Thank u for ur amazing support! Clare Devine is truly the BEST character I hav ever played!! It’s bin n emotional ride!! xx’


As well as adding:

“It’s time to hang up the red stilettos and let some other villains cause some havoc.”

Bissix had played the part of DeVine on and off since 2006 after taking over the role from previous actress Samantha Rowley, and has since been cemented in the shows history books as one of its most calculated and ruthless villains.

So, that’s the four suspected deaths confirmed once and for all from the powers that be, but if you remember producers of the award-winning Channel 4 soap originally confirmed that five main characters would die as a result of the explosion, caused by a home-made bomb that Clare DeVine had ordered to be made and detonated, so who else is going to meet their maker.


Viewers last night would have seen both Leanne (Jessica Forrest) and Dodger (Danny Mac) pulled from the wreckage still alive, but both still in a very bad way with Leanne even flat lining on the way to the hospital.

So which of them is going to claim the title of fifth corpse? Bosses have indicated that the last death will be revealed by the end of the week, with no indication as to whether it will be Dodger or Leanne (or in fact either – remember Jono?) so you will have to keep tuning in (or reading our articles) to find out!

Do you hope it is Dodger who pulls through? Or do you want Leanne to finally get her happy ever after with Dennis (Joe Tracini)? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

Hollyoaks can be seen week nights at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD