Hollyoaks: Charlie Clapham thanks fans for accepting Freddie Roscoe! (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

by Anna Howell
hollyoaks chalie clapham freddie roscoe

hollyoaks chalie clapham freddie roscoe

The Roscoe’s haven’t been in the village in Hollyoaks very long, but from the look of things their Christmas’s are far from traditional.

And this year is set to be even less so as one of them ends up getting married on Christmas Day, though which one we will have to wait and see.

However, amidst all of the drama surrounding them they still make time for each other and traditions, as Charlie Clapham, who plays Freddie, has been explaining to us exclusively:

“A traditional Roscoe Christmas would include a football match – you will see they have one this Christmas where me and the boys showcase our Match of the Day skills.  Ay football shown on Boxing Day, that would be watched, big West Ham fans they say we are (Charlie himself supports Manchester Utd, he tells us).

“I think at Christmas the Roscoe boys would try and take as much responsibility over the cooking because, bless her, Sandy isn’t the best of cooks.

“I would suspect that each year that goes by, Freddie is doing something on the side that his family doesn’t know about which causes him to be late for the dinner or the football match, or miss it completely, something quite dark which nobody in the family really wants to know about.  I suspect this has happened since the age of about 7.

“Then when he does finally turn up he sits through dinner, half p*ssed staring at Lindsey.”

hollyoaks freddie roscoe

Things are set to be as exciting for Charlie himself this Christmas, as he explained to us, when he and his family fly out to Florida to spend Christmas in the sun:

“This year is actually going to be Christmas with a bit of a change.  My Grandma on my dad’s side passed away earlier this year so for the first time in a while we won’t be staying here and doing the family thing, we will all be flying out to Florida where we can enjoy ourselves and try and forget that it is our first Christmas without her.

“The rest of the year has been an amazing year and she would have loved everything that we have got up to and wouldn’t want us to sit around and cry over our turkey, she would have wanted us to have celebrated it in Universal Studios instead.”

But on what a normal traditional Christmas in the Clapham house  would entail, Charlie continued:

“My family are all massive Only Fools and Horses fans but for the last few years that hasn’t really been on, but now UK Gold are showing repeats, so that is fantastic.  We are  huge Royle family fans, as in Ricky Tomlinson’s Royle family.  I can give or take the other Royal’s, I mean Wills and Kate are a brilliant couple, but Ricky Tomlinson suits me a lot better.

“I met Ricky at the NTA’s and I had to go and tell him that me and my family were such huge fans and that we watch the show whenever we are together.  I think a show like that becomes something that you have to watch every year together.

“A massive tradition for me is having smoked salmon and champagne in the morning – usually Christmas for me has a lot of champagne in it.  We would also have turkey covered in bacon with another roast like pork served with it.

“Another tradition is opening presents – we never do it on the day, I can’t wait, my dad can’t wait, my mum can’t wait so we end up buying them before and just handing them out as and when.

“This year, which has been the first real year that I have had money, I went halves with my mum to buy my dad a big brand new spanking Porsche, which he is over the moon with.  My mum thought it was a pretty stupid idea because now every penny I have earned this year has gone on that, but saying that my dad has spent his whole life giving me everything that he has ever had so this is just a little start of me paying it back.  Plus, if it all goes t*ts up I am sure they won’t mind lending me a few quid in the future.”

hollyoaks roscoe family

Finally Charlie had this Christmas message for our readers:

“Merry Christmas to everyone, thank you for being so accepting of me and my character this year – it has been an amazing year and your support has made it so much easier.  It has been a pleasure to come to work knowing that I am not going to be hated when I walk out of work – Thank you very much!

Hollyoaks can be seen weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD – Watch the cast’s Christmas jingle in the clip below:

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