Hollyoaks Christmas Spoiler: The McQueens find a baby Jesus on Christmas day, and will Jacqui finally find out the truth about Cindy and Rhys?

by Anna Howell

Myra McQueen is set to proclaim herself as the next Virgin Mary this Christmas in Hollyoaks when she discovers an abandoned baby on her doorstep on Christmas day, and promptly names him Jesus!

Things have been far from harmonious for the McQueen family in the last six months, what with Michaela (Hollie-Jay Bowes) heading off to pastures new, Carmel (Gemma Merna) being scarred for life by an exploding tanning machine, Bart (Johnny Clark) getting caught growing a cannabis farm, Myra (Nicole Barber-Lane) going to prison for it, Jacqui (Claire Cooper) adopting Phoebe (Mandip Gill), and Rhys (Andy Moss) having an affair and then being killed in the tragic wedding day bus crash.

And that’s before we’ve even mentioned Mercedes!

In the last few months alone Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) has stalked love rival Mitzeee Minniver (Rachel Shenton) in order to break up her relationship with Mercedes ex, Riley Costello (Rob Norbury), then stabbed herself, framing Mitzeee, when that didn’t work. She embarked on a dangerous game of cat and mouse with an ex-client, Dr Browning (Joe Thompson) which developed into a relationship that was more dark and twisted than Heathcliff and Cathy’s in Wuthering Heights, before getting Riley back and staging the kidnap of her own son in order to fleece him.

But now, it would seem, we are in for a McQueen family treat as, finally all back together this Christmas, the drama is festively mixed with some good old fashioned fun and amusement!

But not much….

According to Inside Soap magazine, the family will be rocked by two huge storylines this Christmas, with the first being the mystery baby left on their doorstep on Christmas morning, and the second being the devastating revelation that Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) bring with her to lunch!

When the baby turns up on the doorstep, the family look at the obvious suspect, Bart, but he insists that he knows nothing about the tot.

An insider told the publication: “Myra’s drunk when they find the child and she thinks it’s a Christmas gift from God. So in her tipsy state, she decides to call the little fella Jesus. As you can imagine, it’s quite an amusing scenario.”

Meanwhile, in a desperate attempt to make Christmas amazing, Jacqui decides to extend her goodwill to include Cindy and Tony, with disastrous consequences!

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know how Cindy had been having an affair with Jacqui’s late husband, Rhys, before she married Tony on the fateful day which saw Rhys killed by the mini bus that ploughed through the reception.

Jacqui has since found out that Rhys had been having an affair, but having no clue as to with who, has driven herself to mental distraction on a self-destruct mission to find out.

We reported earlier this week how a conversation with Cindy, who Jacqui has already accused as being the other woman once, suddenly sees the penny drop for Jacqui next week, but before the information has time to sink in, and before Jacqui can react, something huge happens to distract her from doing so.

However, when Jacqui asks Cindy and her new husband, Tony (Nick Pickard), who knows about the affair, to share Christmas dinner with them it would seem that she gets a lot closer to uncovering the truth!

“A showdown between these two is long overdue,” the source said.

“They’re both feisty ladies, so whatever happens between them won’t be pretty. Let’s just say it won’t only be the crackers going bang in that house on December 25.”

Watch the promo to the beginning of this storyline in the clip below:

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    Rachel Shenton who plays Mitzeee is a babe and is the best on hollyoaks. Rachel if youre reading this I adore and think youre so cute xxx never leave hollyoaks you make that show worth watching 🙂

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