Hollyoaks Christmas Spoilers: Claire Cooper discusses Jacqui McQueen hitting “disgustingly dishonest” Cindy Cunningham with a Santa statue!

by Anna Howell

We revealed earlier this month how this Christmas was going to lead to violence and heart-brake for the McQueen family in Hollyoaks, and now Claire Cooper, who plays Jacqui McQueen, has revealed more details of her character’s attack on Cindy Cunningham and says that she had it coming to her!

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know how Jacqui was on the verge of discovering that it was Cindy (Stephanie Waring) who had been having an affair with her husband Rhys (Andy Moss) before the epic Enjoy The Ride wedding day bus crash that killed him.

Jacqui went storming round to see Cindy to accuse her of being the home-wrecker that has left her world shattered after discovering a rose she had placed on Rhys’ grave, but a misunderstanding prompted Sinead (Stephanie Davis) to admit that she had slept with Rhys and was now pregnant with his baby.

This pacified Jacqui’s suspicions over Cindy suitably for the time being, but as the days have gone on, there are loose ends which don’t fit in to Sinead’s revelation, and on Christmas Day the penny is due to drop for Jacqui as she realises her husband had been sleeping with Cindy too.

The realisation is set to snowball into a show-down between Jacqui and Cindy, who Jacqui has invited over to spend Christmas with her, and according to Cooper, karma is going to hit Cindy “big time”.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, Copper explained: “Jacqui is angry and anger can help you release so much. She hits her on the head and that could kill someone.

“Cindy has been so dishonest, disgustingly dishonest that I think karma is going to come and get Cindy big time. It’s just been waiting to happen.”

On filming the brutal scenes, due to air Christmas Day, Cooper admitted the tension was intertwined with humour, adding: “The Santa is quite large that I bonked her over the head with so it’s quite unfortunate on her part!

“I think Jacqui will go to extreme lengths because she feels what Cindy has done is just not right. That why she clobbers her over the head with a giant Santa Claus!

“They were going to give me an angel but that has religious connotation so we couldn’t do that.”

Watch the tragic bus crash that took Rhys, and three other Hollyoaks residents, lives in the clip below:

Watch this drama unfold in Hollyoaks this Christmas!