Hollyoaks Dan O’Connor says Ally’s lies may continue!!!

by Anna Howell

Fans of Hollyoaks will know how before Lynsey’s murder, she was on the brink of finding out the connection between Walker and Ally Grogan.

Since her death, Walker’s real identity has been revealed as an undercover policeman, and Ally has had his head held low after being threatened by Brendan Brady’s worst nightmare.

However, that hasn’t stopped him manipulating the situation with the Kane’s in order to get his feet well and truly under their table, and according to Dan O’Connor, the actor who plays him, he is about to get even sneakier, when Callum Kane starts to suspect a rat!

According to Digital Spy, Callum (Laurie Duncan) starts to get suspicious of Ally, who is going out with his sister, Ash (Holly Weston) next week and makes it his goal to expose him to his sister when he discovers that the former soldier has been using aliases for some reason or another.

Fans will remember how Ally had managed to convince his last girlfriend, Amy Barnes, that his repeated trips to a strip club were to protect the dancers after his sister had been attacked leaving one, a story she believed, mainly because she didn’t see him pay off the stripper he had got to lie and collaborate with his story.

But it would seem that Callum won’t be so easily fooled, as he starts digging around and confronts Ally over three women from his past.

Speaking to Soaplife about the storyline, O’Connor commented: “These three women are standing right in front of him and he’s got to think of a story fast, but he’s a good liar and he doesn’t panic. He’s always got a good story to back his lies up, so he might get away with it.”

Asked who the ladies are, the actor replied: “All will become clear. For now, I’ll just say Ally has a very dark and mysterious past. He’s not the nice guy everyone loves.”

O’Connor went on to add that Hollyoaks viewers shouldn’t believe all the stories Ally has relayed about his past either.

He admitted: “Ally hasn’t said much really. He’s supposedly an army medic who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, but that might be a cover-up. We don’t really know what’s true after Callum’s revelations.”

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