Hollyoaks Daniella Westbrook saves man life using first aid!

by Anna Howell

Hollyoaks newest resident, Daniella Westbrook showed her heroic side this week when she rushed to the aid of a collapsed pedestrian, and administered life-saving first aid!

The actress, who was announced as joining the cast of Hollyoaks last month but is probably best known for recurring role of Samantha Mitchell in BBC rival soap EastEnders, manoeuvred the unnamed pedestrian into the recovery position after he collapsed in London’s West End, then cleared his airways and called the emergency services.

Witnesses to the scene said that the actress, who has had a very public battle with drugs throughout her career, said that her actions more than likely saved the 5-year olds life!

One witness said: “There is no doubt that without Danniella’s quick thinking things could have been much worse.

“She was every inch a hero as she whipped off her jacket and covered him up to keep him warm in the freezing cold.”

However Daniella, who admitted on a Christmas special of the Jeremy Kyle show last year that she had taken drugs throughout both her pregnancies and had even snorted lines of cocaine whilst giving birth to her son, insists that she is not a hero and that anyone in her position would have done the same:

“It’s flattering if people are calling me a hero but I don’t want to make too much of a fuss,” she told the Mirror newspaper. “I was just doing my bit and would help anyone else in the same situation.

“It all happened so quickly and was scary but I tried to keep my cool until the arrival of the emergency services.”

The incident occurred when Daniella was out for dinner in Soho with her husband Kevin Jerkins and some friends when she saw the man lying lifelessly on the side of the pavement. The man was taken to St Thomas’s Hospital in south London for treatment.

Watch Daniella’s Jeremy Kyle appearance in the clip below: