Hollyoaks: Daniella Westbrook says playing Trudy Ryan made her miss EastEnders!

by Anna Howell


Hollyoaks newcomer, Daniella Westbrook, has revealed that her recent role on the hit Channel 4 soap has made her a bit homesick for Albert Square.

Westbrook had been off screen for 3 years since last appearing as her best known character, Sam Mitchell on BBC rival soap EastEnders, but had previously admitted that she was enjoying her time on Hollyoaks so much that she was hoping her role would be made permanent, and that she would even relocate to Liverpool, where the show is filmed, to accommodate!

Speaking at the time, the actress commented:

“I was more scared on that first day of Hollyoaks than I’ve ever been on EastEnders or even on Dancing on Ice,” she said. “I was scared to do something different.

“I go back to EastEnders every so often and it’s like putting on your Ugg boots, it’s comfy. But this was something completely new.

“London is too busy, but up here people make time to say hello. And they’re so glamorous, I love that. They’re not clones up here, everyone’s got their own free spirit.”

However, it would seem that she hasn’t completely gone off our nation’s capital, as she has admitted to Soaplife that staring in Hollyoaks has made her miss EastEnders, and some of its cast.

The actress explained:

“I still talk to Steve McFadden, Jake Wood and Rita Simons… quite a few people actually.

“Working at Hollyoaks has made me miss EastEnders a little bit. I feel at home there.”

However, Westbrook went on to say that, despite her feelings, she doesn’t think a return to the show is right for her, or Sam, at the moment:

“I would [return] yes, but at the moment I don’t feel there’s a space for Sam. Saying that, I’d move up to Liverpool in a heartbeat if they decided to make Trudy full-time at Hollyoaks.”

Watch Daniella’s Jeremy Kyle appearance in the clip below: