Hollyoaks: Daniella Westbrook was scared to join show as ex-con Trudy!

by Anna Howell

Former EastEnders actress, Daniella Westbrook, has revealed that she was more nervous on her first day on the set of her new soap, Hollyoaks, than she ever was during her time at EastEnders.

Westbrook played Sam Mitchell on and off for 20 years but was sacked from the BBC soap during her first stint on it after a highly publicised battle with cocaine which saw her septum disintegrate causing the actress to undergo reconstructive surgery to define her nostrils separately after pictures emerged of her showing one large one instead of two.

She returned to the soap back in 2009 briefly, after the role had been played by another actress, Kim Medcalf, before leaving again for good in 2010.

Since then the actress, who admitted on a Christmas special of the ITV chat show Jeremy Kyle that she had continued her cocaine addiction throughout both of her pregnancies, even snorting a line of the deadly drug whilst in labour with her now teenage son, has now been clean for several years and is enjoying a quiet family life with her husband and two children.

The picture which shocked the nation

The picture which shocked the nation

And now, after 3 years from our soap screens she is about to return to, this time starring in Channel 4 rival soap, Hollyoaks, as an ex-con pal of Jacqui McQueen (Claire Cooper) called Trudy.

However, despite her vast soap experience Daniella, whose character hires Jacqui and cousin Theresa (Jorgie Porter) as cleaners, has admitted to the Sun newspaper that she was nervous joining the Liverpool based soap as she was frightened to try something new:

“I was more scared on that first day of Hollyoaks than I’ve ever been on EastEnders or even on Dancing on Ice,” she said. “I was scared to do something different.

“I go back to EastEnders every so often and it’s like putting on your Ugg boots, it’s comfy. But this was something completely new.”

On the subject of playing Trudy, who Westbrook describes as “ghetto-fabulous trailer trash”, the actress added: “I love it. We have such a giggle in make-up putting hairpieces on and I get a real kick out of working with Claire. And I love Liverpool.

“London is too busy, but up here people make time to say hello. And they’re so glamorous, I love that. They’re not clones up here, everyone’s got their own free spirit.”

Daniella during her time on EastEnders

Daniella during her time on EastEnders

However, despite her characters glamour Westbrook admitted that she feels somewhat intimidated getting changed alongside some of the younger Hollyoaks babes, explaining: “There are all these Hollyoaks honeys. I’m so glad I’m nearly 40 and don’t have to worry about being a Hollyoaks honey.

“I just have to worry about being in the dressing room with them all. They’re so thin, they’re not all lumpy and their boobs stay up naturally.

“I’m like, ‘Er, I’ll just go and change in the toilet’.”

Daniella’s first Hollyoaks scenes are due to air at 6.30pm on February 18 on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD

Watch Daniella’s Jeremy Kyle appearance in the clip below: