Hollyoaks Danny Mac (Dodger Savage) and James Atherton (Will Savage) discuss the Savage party and special one-off E4 episode in an exclusive Unrealitytv interview!

All this week Hollyoaks fans have been treated to what is turning out to be an absolutely epic Savage Party!

Following the theft of their camper van, the Savage clan have found themselves homeless with the only way out being to join a travelling fair with family friend, Walt (Cliff Parissi – who looks ever so slightly like that bloke from EastEnders!).
Dirk (David Kennedy) is adamant that unless the family can raise the £1500 needed to replace the van, then he and Liberty (Abi Phillips) are leaving the village for the 6 year European fairground tour.

Whilst Dodger (Danny Mac) is set on raising the funds via a duck game, Dodger’s Diamond Duck’s, Will (James Atherton) is determined that he will be the one to save the family by holding a huge party in the Uni ball marquee.

Planning the event, the tickets for which are £20 each, proves to be harder than it looks, but with a little help from his friends, Will manages to organise the entire party in one day, including what he claims to be a ‘Huge Headlining’ act.


Keeping very tight lipped about the band, Will seems to know what he is doing, but when things take an unexpected turn it is left to cousin Dennis (Joe Tracini) to save the Savage party, but can he?

The drama can be seen in tonight’s Channel4 episode of Hollyoaks at 6.30pm, but after that you are invited to tune into E4 for a special one-off episode, featuring Dennis Savage (Joe Tracini) as he sets on his mission after the channel4 cameras stop rolling.

This episode will never be shown on TV again, nor will it be available to download or watch on catch up, so make sure you tune in for a very special Hollyoaks, with a very special appearance by Maverick Sabre, at 7pm on E4 tonight, so make sure you tune in!

But, if this teaser has wet your appetite, and you simply can’t wait till tonight, we caught up with Danny Mac James Atherton (Dodger and Will Savage) today to discuss just what treats tonight, and the rest of the Savage Party week has in store….

So, tonight’s episode focuses mainly on Dennis, how will Dodger’s ego react to having another Savage take control of the situation?

Danny:  “To be honest, at this point Dodger is more concerned at Will’s failure than anything anyone else does.  He has done his bit, and tried to take control and the fact that Will has gone against him has just caused rivalry between the two more than anything else!”

The relationship between Will and Dodger seems to have suffered a fair bit of damage this week; do you think they will be able to repair it?

Danny: “Always.  They are brothers at the end of the day, and family is so important to all the Savage’s that no matter what happens, they will try and keep it together.  Obviously, each time this happens, between Dodger and Will in particular, it will always damage the relationship a little bit more, and I suppose eventually it will reach breaking point, but in the meantime as long as Dodger can say sorry even though he thinks he is always right there will be a way to repair them.”

Will the truth about the camper van’s theft be revealed to the Savage’s?

Danny:  “Do you know I don’t know, it’s kind of been left hasn’t it?  At the moment I don’t think there are plans for it to come out about Bart (Jonny Clarke) but who knows, it may do in the future.  That’s the great thing about Hollyoaks, it can leave a story alone for ages and just when you think it has been forgotten about, it comes back with a bang!”

The promo for Savage Party is amazing, how much fun was it to film?

“It was fantastic!  The actual tent that was used for the party was actually really small, but the production team did such a great job doing it up, and when all the fans were in to watch Maverick it was like being at an actual concert.  As for the promo, that was filmed in an actual forest, with such attention to detail it was mind-blowing.  We all had a lot of fun.”

Obviously you can’t give too much away, but what hints can you give fans about the climax of savage week?

Danny: “All I can say is keep watching this week, there is going to be something huge, which will affect all the family!”

Will has been desperate to prove himself to his family, how do you think Dennis’s heroics will affect his ego?

James: “Obviously Will has jumped into this party head first, simply to prove to Dodger that he is as good as him, or can be, but when things go wrong they go horribly wrong.  He has already had to rely on his friends to help him organise it, and by the time Dennis jumps in to save the day, things are in such a mess, he is relieved more than anything.  The problem he has is, instead of using his brain to try and solve the problem himself, he is just trying to be like Dodger, and that clouds his judgement a lot.”

With the success of the party, do you think Will will finally find the confidence to tell Ash (Holly Weston) how he feels?

James: “You’d think, wouldn’t you.  The glasses are off so he should be more confident, but Will isn’t the best when it comes to women, it was the same with Theresa (Jorgie Porter) he just couldn’t quite say what he wanted to, but hey, who knows, maybe this will help!”

Maverick Sabre is making an appearance in tonight’s special episode, what was it like filming with him?

James: “He is such a lovely guy, he fitted in so well.  Obviously his main part is in tonight’s episode with Dennis, and so he spent the most time with Joe (Tracini who plays Dennis), but when he came to the village to film the concert it felt really special, especially with all his fans here, it was one of my highlights from working at Hollyoaks.”

Watch the full promo for Savage Party in the clip below:

You can see all the comings and goings of Joe Tracini and Maverick Sabre in tonight’s E4 special episode at 7pm, and watch the rest of Savage Party week all this week on Hollyoaks, 6.30pm on Channel4/Channel4 HD.