Hollyoaks Emmett J Scanalan “I have a d***head face”

Hollyoaks hunk, and notorious nasty man, Emmett J Scanalan has revealed that he believes he always gets cast as bad boy roles because he has a “d***head face”.

Scanalan, who plays  Brendan Brady – Boyfriend Beater, in the hit teen soap, Hollyoaks, has made the revelation with regards to his full-time role on the Channel 4 show, and compared it with his new role in upcoming film, Charlie Casanova, in which he plays the title character, saying:  “Brendan Brady and Charlie Casanova are both that kind of bad guy.”

“They’re not really bad because those kind of complex characters are the best kind of role to play.”

He told the Irish edition of The Sun: “I think I get asked to do them because I have a d***head face.”

People look at my face and say ‘He’s a d***head’. I just look like that kind of guy.”

He went on to admit that this didn’t bother him though, saying:  “I don’t mind being typecast as anything as long as it means being cast.”

Scanalan was awarded the  prestigious Best Actor award at the International Film Festival in Paris last year for the film about a mentally unhinged rich murderer, a role which Emmett trained for by using method acting, even bringing his character to life by living his life by some of the quirky trades of Charlie, like making all his decisions based on a deck of cards, saying:  “Charlie Casanova and I went method [acting] on it. It was something I’d never done before.

“I’d been offered a lead in a film and I realized I didn’t have a clue what to do. So I played the Charlie Casanova card game two weeks beforehand.”

“I got myself into dark situations, I damaged relationships. But it was something I needed to do.”

Charlie Casanova is out on 11 May, to watch a preview click on the clip below: