Hollyoaks Enjoy The Ride: Andy Moss says no one wants Rhys and Cindy to be together!

by Anna Howell

With Hollyoaks in full Enjoy The Ride swing mode, Andy Moss, who plays one of the tragedy’s main players, Rhys Ashworth, has admitted that no one wants his character to be with Cindy.

Fans of the award-winning Channel 4 soap will know how Rhys and Cindy (Stephanie Waring) have been having an affair behind their partner’s backs for months, but with Cindy marrying Tony (Nick Pickard) in tonight’s episode, it seemed like it was the end for them.

However, as followers of our coverage will know, no sooner does Tony put the ring on his new wife’s finger, she has decides to run away with Rhys when he leaves, unaware that it is Tony who has told him to, having discovered their affair.

Cindy and Rhys are just about to make the dash, when disaster strikes when the minibus carrying the sixth formers in comes crashing through the wedding ceremony, leaving everyone’s lives hanging in the balance!

Whilst it seemed pretty clear who Rhys had chosen to be with, Andy Moss who plays him has said that fans are not happy with him doing the dirty on his on-screen wife, Jacqui (Claire Cooper), and he agrees!

Speaking to WhatsOnTV, Moss explained how filming the affair scenes with Stephanie Waring, who plays Cindy, felt like he was really cheating having worked with Claire Cooper for so long:

“I’ve been working with Claire for two years and me and her spar with each other all the time. She comes up with an idea, I come up with an idea, and it’s great, we’re really comfortable working together and we produce some of our best stuff when we’re together.

“So it was stepping out of my comfort zone working with another lady, because I’ve not had a chance for a while.

“But it was like stepping into old shoes really – it was like getting a bit of the old Rhys back. It’s been a nice change.”

And he, like the fans, were hoping that after all Rhys and Jacqui had been through, they would get a happy ending, however he admits that was never likely to happen, commenting: “It’s soap, so stories can’t run and run for ever. Viewers have been championing Rhys and Jacqui because when they got together it was the odd couple, it shouldn’t have worked. But for some reason it worked.

“So viewers invested heavily in Rhys and Jacqui, so nobody wants Rhys and Cindy together – nobody! So it’s not a nice reaction.

“But if everyone was just happy all the time in soap, how boring would that be?”

Hollyoaks Enjoy The Ride can be seen every night this week 6.30pm on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD: you won’t want to miss it!  Here is a clip of all the action from the Enjoy The Ride week: