Hollyoaks Enjoy The Ride: Sneaky peak at tonight’s episode, and video of the minibus crash!

by Anna Howell

Can’t quite see the end, how can I rely on my heart if I break it, with my own two hands…It’s the last goodbye, I swear!  Hollyoaks Enjoy The Ride has landed…..

So, today is the day all Hollyoaks fans have been waiting for as the already epic new storyline, which will see the soap tackle it’s biggest stunt to date as Maddie Morrison ploughs a mini bus carrying the sixth formers straight into the double wedding ceremony of Doug Carter, Ste Hay , Cindy Cunningham and Tony Hutchinson, and having watched the first episode, Unreality TV can tell you what to expect tonight!

Fans of the hit show who have been following our coverage will already know how the mini bus, originally being loaded up Brendan (Emmett J Scanlan) with the wedding cakes, is hijacked by Maddie Morrison (Scarlet Bowman) in order to drive Ruby and her fiancée, Jono (Dylan Llewellyn) to Gretna Green to get married. When they realise that the cakes are in the bus, they decided to do the right thing and drive them to the wedding marquee, but when Bart (Johnny Clarke) and Esther (Jazmine Franks) try and force the bus off the road to try and stop the teenagers eloping, disaster strikes.

Unwilling to pull over, Maddie continues driving at speed with Bart right next to her, but when little Leah Hay walks into the road, both vehicles are forced to swerve to avoid hitting her. Unfortunately, the mini bus brakes fail and the vehicle, including most of the sixth formers, ploughs straight into the wedding receptions, leaving the entire party buried in rubble when the bus explodes inside.

Watch the full Enjoy The Ride promo in the clip below:

And the build-up to this spectacular tragedy begins tonight….

Neil (Tosin Cole) and Maddie have set up a joint hen and stag do for Jono and Ruby but things don’t go too well when, during a game of Mr and Mrs hosted by George (Steven Roberts) it becomes very clear that Ruby knows her man much better than he knows her, causing her feet to turn in temperature slightly.

However, if the fact that Jono thought her favourite show was TOWIE instead of 90201 was enough to have Ruby doubting her decision to elope with him, it’s a good job she didn’t see him kissing Maddie later that night. Unfortunately for Jono, though, Esther did see, and despite Maddie’s threats making her look like she might wet herself again, it seems pretty clear that she is not going to keep quiet about this when she already thinks her friend is making the biggest mistake of her life!

Elsewhere, Tony (Nick Pickard) finally reveals to Cindy (Stephanie Waring) that he has his sight back. He is just about to tell her when he got it back, and the fact that one of the first things he saw when it did was her kissing Rhys (Andy Moss), but her excitement over the fact he will be able to see on their big day keeps him quiet, especially when she presents him with a beautiful personalised photo album of their lives together, along with many blank pages for them to start writing their future once they are married again.

It seems that Tony is so taken by the gesture he is prepared to let her little indiscretion go without confrontation that is until he finds the top Cindy was wearing when he saw her with Rhys and changes his mind and packs a bag ready to leave for good.

Outside he bumps into Doug (PJ Brennan) who is also facing doubts of his own, but a heart to heart between them has them both deciding that they should trust the ones they love, and confront the thing that threatens their relationship instead.

This sees Tony marching round to Rhys and throwing him round the room a bit, demanding that he leaves Chester for good the next day, otherwise he will tell Jacqui (Claire Cooper) what has been going on. Rhys says he won’t, and that Cindy ended things between them because she chose Tony.

When Ste (Keiron Richardson) arrives back from Manchester with his kids, Doug is put out to find out that his husband to be has agreed to have them for 6 months instead of the wedding week, without discussing it with him first. That is the least of his worries though as Brendan turns up in the village again; forcing Doug to contact Shawnee and tell her his plan to get rid of Double B for good is back on.

And he has every right to be worried about Brendan’s return! Having spent the last week away with Father Des, Brendan has gained some clarity in his life, and whilst he lets Cheryl (Bronagh Waugh) happily believe he is back to make amends for all the wrong things he has done, she agrees to let him help her with the wedding plans. However, when he takes a call from Father Des later that day it becomes clear that his real intentions are to stop the wedding and get Ste back!

Still totally oblivious to her husband’s affair, Jacqui decides that the best way to solve her marriage problems is to buy a house with him. This idea is not received well with Rhys who, despite Myra’s (Nicole Barber-Lane) repeated threats of violence, is not making the effort to patch things up he promised her he would. That is until he spots Cindy on her hen night and in a bid to try and make her jealous declares that he and Jacqui are indeed buying a house together, leaving Jacqui elated, and Myra incredibly suspicious.

The award for most heart-warming part of the episode goes to little Leah Hay, who, whilst Ste trips over words to try and explain what is happening the next day, tells her dad: “You are marrying Doug tomorrow, we love Doug”.

So there you have it, a rundown of what to expect tonight, keep logging in as we will be bringing you sneaky peaks ahead of each episode all week. And, if you simply can’t wait that long, why not treat yourself to a viewing the bus crash itself in the clip below:

And, whilst things look pretty bad for Ste in that clip, we have picture evidence that he DOES survive the crash:

Hollyoaks Enjoy The Ride starts Monday at 6.30pm on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD: you won’t want to miss it!