Hollyoaks: Gemma Bissix can’t wait to work with her old EastEnders co-star, Gillian Taylforth again!

by Anna Howell

Returning Hollyoaks actress, Gemma Bissix, has revealed that she thinks her former EastEnders co-star, Gillian Taylforth will bring “a dose of grit and glamour” to the show when she makes her Channel 4 debut next month.

Bissix, who returned to our Hollyoaks screen as the devious Clare Devine this week, has also said that she can’t wait to work with Taylforth, who joins the show next week as mum of five sons, Sandy Roscoe, again.

Bissix and Taylforth worked together on the hit rival BBC soap EastEnders from 1993 – 1998 when Bissix was playing the step daughter of Nigel Bates, Clare Bates, and Gillian was playing Kathy Beale (Mitchell).

Now both actresses are to be working together again in Hollyoaks, and Gemma Bissix can’t wait!
Speaking to New! magazine, Bissix said of Taylforth’s casting: “I can’t wait! She’s lovely and a fantastically talented actress.

“I think she’s going to bring a dose of grit and glamour to Hollyoaks.”

Bissix, whose character is set to return to our screens in an explosive kidnap plot involving Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) and Dr Browning (Joseph Thompson), went on to say how nice it was to be returning to Hollyoaks, and to be working with close friends again:

“It’s been lovely. I’ve been filming with Nick Pickard (Tony Hutchinson) and Jimmy McKenna (Jack Osborne), who are two of my best friends.

“Clare is ready to cause trouble. She’s not in Hollyoaks for a holiday, put it that way.”

Bissix recently revealed to Unreality TV that Clare’s current return to Hollyoaks is a short one, but promised her character would return again later this year for a longer stint, read the full interview here:

Clare’s return scenes are due to be aired at the end of this week, watch a clip from her last return to Hollyoaks below: