Hollyoaks Gemma Bissix says Clare DeVine has an expiry date!

by Anna Howell


Hollyoaks recent returning villager, Gemma Bissix, has spoken out about her thoughts on her character’s future on the hit Channel 4 soap.

Clare DeVine (Gemma Bissix) came crashing on to our Hollyoaks screens earlier this month, in cahoots with Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) in an elaborate kidnapping plot to extort cash from Mercy’s fiancé, Dr Browning (Joseph Thompson).

However, as fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know, Mercedes tried to leave the hotel they were sharing and return home having felt a pang of guilt over what they were putting poor Paul through.

Clare wasn’t having any of that though, and quickly flipped the scam into reality, holding Mercedes captive against her will, demanding obscene amounts of money from her desperately worried family.

The situation comes to a head when a desperate Jacqui (Claire Cooper) takes drastic actions to free her sister, which results in a dangerous showdown forcing the Matriarchal McQueen to flee the village for good.

Undeterred by the consequences her greedy actions have caused, Clare moves on to her next victim like any good black widow would, which results in a terrifying ordeal for young Tom Cunningham.

Fans of the hit show will know how, during her last stint in the village, Clare set about trying to kill Tom’s big brother, her former husband Max, leaving a lasting mental scar on the young lad.


So when he spots her in the village again, Tom is so overcome with fear that he wets himself.

Deciding to hide from the object of his nightmares, Tom runs back to the pub where he confides his fears in Jack (Jimmy McKenna) and Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson), before retracting to his room.

However, Clare manages to sneak in unnoticed and locks the boy, who is too scared to even scream, away in his room to torture him.

An insider told the Daly Star newspaper: “Jack checks he’s OK but Clare is hiding in the bedroom and makes him reply that he is. It’s going to be hard for Tom to get out of this one.”


However despite her villanious character receiving a heartfelt welcome from fans and a goody-bag of plot lines such as this one, the actress who plays her, Gemma Bissix has revealed on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff how she believes that Clare DeVine should remain a recurring character, rather than a main cast member!

Bissix, whose recent stint is only a short one before a longer return in the summer, explained:

“She’s kind of developed, and now it’s definitely red nails, red lipstick and the red dress. The thing with Clare is that she’s got this invincibility about her, which is what I love. That’s the thing – she is purely evil.

“It’s so funny and it keeps me happy on a daily basis, because I get to get rid of all those demons and exorcise all these things. It’s so much fun.

“I’ve done a little stint this time and I will be going back in the summer to do a good few months. So that’s the plan. But I think she has an expiry date, so you can only do bits and pieces at a time.”


During her time back at the soap Bissix has been staying in Liverpool, where the show is filmed, with co-stars Nick Pickard and Jimmy McKenna who play Tony Hutchinson and Jack Osborne, of which she commented:

“It’s like going home and seeing your family again. It’s been fantastic.”

Fans can also look forward to seeing Bissix in an upcomining touring production of the murder mystery, Murder In Play,w hich is due to begin next month.

Watch all the drama surrounding Tom unfold next  Wednesday at 6.30pm on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD – and take a look at the clip below to remind yourself why Tom is so frightened of Clare: