Hollyoaks James Sutton (John Paul McQueen) says he hates being famous!


Recent Hollyoaks returnee, James Sutton, has revealed that he doesn’t like the fame his high-profile job brings him, and says he doesn’t consider himself a celebrity!

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know how James returned to Hollyoaks as John Paul McQueen just before Christmas last year, complete with new son Matthew Jesus, and has been reinstated firmly back in to the hearts of the fans ever since.

As we reported last month, James character, John Paul, is set to embark on a new, troublesome storyline this week when he gets suspended after failing to report fellow teacher, Jen Gilmore’s (Amy Downham) affair with student Tilly Evans (Lucy Dixon).

Angered at the situation, John Paul goes on a drinking binge with new pal Doug Carter (PJ Brennan) where they decided to teach sixth form headmaster, Patrick Blake (Jeremy Sheffield) a lesson by sticking hundreds of post-it-notes over his car, as well as having a few cheeky snogs whilst doing so.


The plan backfires, however, when the whole incident is caught on camera and exposed publicly by students, and John Paul subsequently loses his job at the college, forcing him to flee the village.

Fear not though, he will be back, despite the fact that James Sutton, the actor who plays him, says he hates being famous!

When asked in a recent interview with PA if he enjoyed the attention he gets from his role, the actor, who also starred in Emmerdale as Ryan Lamb, exclaimed:

“Oh no, Jesus Christ no. That’s the worst side of it for me. I’m not a celebrity or anything, I’m just an actor and it just so happens my job is on TV.

“If people come up and say nice things about the show, that’s really lovely, but I’m not really in it for recognition or attention or anything.

“I think if you’re in it for attention you’re in it for the wrong reasons and you should probably f**k off to TOWIE or Big Brother or something. Go and join that mob. It’s not really my bag.”

Hollyoaks can be seen weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD.