Hollyoaks Spoilers: Jeremy Sheffield says Patrick Blake is a master manipulator when it comes to his new, mystery love interest!

by Anna Howell

Amidst all the Brendan Brady drama in tonight’s Channel 4 Hollyoaks, fans are also in for a treat as the identity of Will Savage’s carer, Ellie, is revealed!

As we reported earlier this month, Ellie (Saskia Wickham) is in actual fact the long-lost mother of all the Savage and Blake children and, in true Hollyoaks style, is about to be exposed in front of them all.

In tonight’s episode fans will see Anna Savage faced with an abundance of questions from Will (James Atherton) and Dodger (Danny Mac), which she finds hard to answer. And later, when Sienna (Anna Passey) questions her brother’s decision to ask her to stay, Anna mistakes Sienna for Dodger’s girlfriend, rubbing salt into a deeply open wound.

However, it is the appearance of Dodger and Sienna’s father, Patrick Blake (Jeremy Sheffield) which really ruffles Anna’s feathers, as she cowers behind Dodger explaining how the new sixth form headmaster used to hit her.

The story seems to be accepted by Dirk (David Kennedy) who vows to look after his ex-wife, and when Sienna later overhears Patrick discussing the situation with a solicitor and realises that he has known of her whereabouts all along, she starts to doubt him too.

And it seems that they might not be far off the mark, as Jeremy Sheffield who plays Patrick has revealed that his character is to show a manipulative side when he finds love in an upcoming storyline.

Speaking to Inside Soap about the new romance, Sheffield teased:

“I know who he gets together with! There’s a certain type of relationship dynamic Patrick seems to enjoy – he likes to manipulate someone a bit.

“Therefore, he would be into anyone who’s pliable, who he could dominate in some way. But I think it’s best to leave it to the viewers’ imagination as to who that might be.”

The actor, who had a brief role in Coronation Street last year as Danny, the man who swept Beck MacDonald (Katherine Kelly) off her feet and whisked her away to a better life, went on to say how he was enjoying playing the part of the new headmaster, explaining:

“I do quite enjoy the power of it! My mum used to be deputy head of a big comprehensive school, so I went on a few school trips with her when I was younger – all the kids were looking up to her and trembling in their boots. I would quite enjoy that!

“But I think I’d probably be a bit too lenient – not like Patrick.”

Watch a clip of Jeremy in Coronation Street below:

Hollyoaks can be seen week nights at 6.30pm on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD