Hollyoaks: Kieron Richardson (Ste Hay) was the one to shave off Emmett J. Scanlan’s (Brendan Brady) tash!

by Anna Howell

As we reported yesterday, Hollyoaks favourite Emmet J. Scanlan lost the iconic tash of his character Brendan Brady to mark the end of an era as he filmed his last (ever?) Hollyoaks scene, but it has now been revealed that it wasn’t him who did it!

Emmett j. Scanlan revealed to Unreality TV last month that he had decided to quit his role as the double hard double B moustached monster that is Brendan Brady, explaining that he didn’t want to let his audience down by letting his character become repetitive or complacent.

Speaking to us exclusively at the time, Emmett commented:

“To the greatest fans I could ever wish for. The time has come for me to sign out of #Hollyoaks to bow out as Double B aka Brendan motherf***ing Brady.

“It has been the greatest honour to share the stage with you & I could think of no better company to spend my evenings with.

“Thank you for your love and loyalty, and please, let’s dance again another time, another role… To the channel and Lime pictures thank you. A success built on surrounding myself with people who are better than me in every department, thank you.”

Emmett, whose final scenes will be shown in March this year, had hinted to us when we met him last year ahead of the amazing autumn series of Hollyoaks Later that the end may have been in sight for Brendan Brady, and at the time of the announcement told us his reasons for leaving the show he loves so dearly:

“I didn’t want to fall into old patterns.

“There is a fear that by staying to long you end up repeating storylines. It’s very hard to maintain the high stakes and constant twists and turns for Brendan Brady but I think production have done that brilliantly.

“It wouldn’t be fair on me or the fans to take the foot off the pedal… This was the evolutionary next step. And I hope they like it… I’m gonna miss this place sorely”

Yesterday saw the final scene in the Brady family story draw to a close, and to mark the occasion Emmett decided to shave off his iconic Brendan Brady tash. However, it seems he wasn’t the only one who wanted it off, as his on-screen lover, Kieron Richardson, grabbed the razor!

The decision to have the tash removed had been made some time ago, as Emmett told Unreality TV exclusively in an interview coming very soon how:

“The tash is Brendan Brady. So when I do another character, I will have a different look.”

Kieron, who plays Brendan’s one true love, Ste Hay in the hit Channel 4 soap, had some help with the ceremonious occasion from Emmett’s on-screen sister, Bronagh Waugh, who had also filmed her final scenes with her big bro yesterday, and the pair took to social networking site, Twitter, to post the pictures showing the de-tashing, whilst Emmett posted the results picture, along with the captions:

“Last day in #Hollyoaks but I dont want to make a big deal out of it,so again..Lets keep this between us,yeah?”

“I started my #Hollyoaks career with @bronaghwaugh it’s only fitting I end it with her #LastScene. Thank you to the stunning @bronaghwaugh memories soon forgotten once I start drinking again…

“To the amazing cast and crew photos of you all wearing tashes,& personal messages universally calling me a ‘c***’, I am so truly humbled. And to you guys for following, thank you from the bottom of my shrivelled black heart.. Hope yis enjoy the upcoming storyline.”

Emmett has previously promised that his, and it has now been confirmed Bronagh’s exit storyline will be explosively ‘epic’, you can watch all the drama unfold next month!

Watch an interview with Bronagh and Emmett in the run up to last year’s Hollyoaks Later in the clip below: