Hollyoaks Later: Callum Kane is first character to die in spin-off series as Jade goes on a murder spree!

by Anna Howell


Last night’s Hollyoaks Later started with an absolute bang!

While Tony Hutchinson’s (Nick Pickard) lifeless body is loaded into a Spanish ambulance, his spirit embarks on a journey of discovery with his dear departed friend, Kurt (Jeremy Edwards) trying to convince him to leave everyone and to go to the afterlife with him and his late daughter Grace.

Back in the hospital Tony’s actual body is jerked back into life by The White Man (Danny Dyer), and he doesn’t look he has brought grapes!

The White Man wants his package back, and a frightened Tony has to tell him that he lost it – which of course he didn’t but, after a close call, he seems to believe what he has been told and gives Tony a very stern warning about getting it back to him.

Outside the hospital Dom (John Pickard) and Finn (James Redmond) see The White Man leaving and decide to follow him in a bid to get back Harry (), whilst Tony drifts back into his spiritual adventure with Kurt where he is going through emotional turmoil deciding whether to leave with Kurt, or stay and fight for his family in this life.

tony tony-kurt

After chasing Grace through a house he ends up on a rooftop terrace where he bumps in to Grace’s mum, Mandy (Sarah Jayne Dunn) who tells him he should keep fighting, that she and Grace would be waiting for him when the time was right.

tony-mandy-1 mandy-richardson-ghost

Meanwhile, after following The White Man to a strip club, dumb and dumber try to be as discreet as possible breaking in to the place – falling right through the window of the stripper’s dressing room – where The White Man is waiting for them.

Dom and Finn (James Redmond) are lead by The White Man to the bar where Harry is sat merrily drinking with him, quite clearly not being detained in any way shape or form.  Free to leave at any time, Harry decides he is rather happy where he is!

Unable to convince harry to leave with them, Finn tells the young lad that he has to phone Tony himself to tell him that he is not coming back.  The phone call wakes Tony up from his spiritual journey, and he isn’t happy.

However, Harry soon comes to realise just who he has befriended when The White Man orders that Dom and Finn are killed.

Meanwhile Tony has left the hospital and is making his way to them, stopping to hide the package outside the club, taking a picture and sending it to Finn.  When he sees The White Man leave the club he makes his way inside and frees Harry from where he is now being actually held hostage.

Seeing Finn and Dom locked in the yard with rabid dogs, Tony makes a call to The White man telling him to come and get him.

Elsewhere and after running for their lives Tilly (Lucy Dixon) and Holly (Wallis Day) are finally caught up by Wes (Jordan Dawes) ), and things aren’t looking good for them when he locks Tilly in a holdup and marches Holly off at gunpoint.

Back in the house and Esther (Jazmine Franks) is surprised to learn that her attacker is none other than Jade (Lucy Gape) who reveals that her boyfriend Sam is actually not really alive, just a figment of her imagination, but that he was Esther’s liver donor after a fatal overdose killed him (we aren’t entirely sure how the liver of someone who had overdosed could be transplanted, but hey-ho) and she has decided Esther no longer deserves the organ and, knife in hand, tells her she wants it back!

In the meantime Wes marches Holly back to the house where she finds Jade, and Callum and the full horror of the situation becomes apparent.

Callum (Laurie Duncan) tries his best to talk the armed mad man down, and a struggle erupts during which Callum knocks Wes over, hitting his head on the coffee table on the way down.  Jade tells them not to phone an ambulance because he is already dead, but when the others leave the room she takes a knife and finishes the job off, telling him she can’t risk him ruining everything, just like at the party.

The three of them take the body into the woods where Jade tells them all to strip and burn their clothes before burying the body, which Callum does not want to do.  As they start to walk away Esther manages to get to the window to warn them that Jade has a knife….


Finding a room to hide in Callum decides to go and find Esther, leaving Holly behind.  He finds Jade outside the room, still holding the knife, and another struggle takes place which results in Callum breaking free and freeing Esther – unfortunately as he does Jade fatally stabs him from behind with a Samurai sword.

Back in the shack and Tilly is desperately trying to find a way to escape having found a newspaper article telling the story of Jade and Sam, and manages to find a window to break out of before heading back to the house, stopping to notice that Jade is no longer in the ditch on her way.

Finally in the army road trip story, Louis (Bryan Parry) instantly regrets kissing his cousin when the corporal walks in on them, and tries to give Theresa (Jorgie Porter) the ‘it’s not you, it’s my cousin’ speech whilst trying to get back in to the corporal’s good books.

Theresa leaves the other two, who are promptly arrested upon arriving back at the base, but don’t seem too bothered as they finally admit how they feel about each other once and for all.

The concluding episode of Hollyaoks Later can be seen tonight at 10pm on E4.