Hollyoaks Later: Ghostly encounters, hidden cameras and an attempt at suicide open this year’s spin-off series!

by Anna Howell


Tonight saw the return of the epic late night E4 Hollyoaks spin-off, Hollyoaks Later, and from the first instalment of the five-part series, we are in for an absolute treat!

Fans of the award-winning soap, Hollyoaks, will know how, in the regular Channel 4 show original character, Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) has just decided against having an operation to see if the cancer he has been fighting has returned, deciding instead to wait it out, much to his family’s dismay.

In tonight’s hour-long Hollyoaks Later episode his partner Diane O’Connor (Alex Fetcher) contacts his half-brother Dom (John Pickard) and best friend Finn (James Redmond) in a desperate bid to get him to see sense, but unfortunately the plan back fires as, after Dom reveals he is off to Spain to get married an impromptu lad’s holiday is quickly planned.

Joining the lads on their soul-searching trip is Tony’s son, Harry (Parry Glasspool), the ghostly presence of his deceased friend  Kurt (Jeremy Edwards), and a bible which has been given to Tony by evil gangster Trevor Royle (Greg Wood) to deliver in Morocco as part of a particularly dodgy deal.

Now, we weren’t exactly sure what was in the bible, but when Tony came back to the hotel room and discovered it missing he was very unhappy – so unhappy that, after a chat with the ghost that used to be Kurt, he walked off into the sea not looking like he planned on walking back out again.

soaps-hollyoaks-later-trevor-royle-confronts-tony-hutchinson-1 (1)

Elsewhere and the sixth form students, Esther (Jazmine Franks), Tilly (Lucy Evans), Callum (Laurie Duncan), Holly (Wallis Day) and Jade ( Lucy Gape) head off to Jade’s uncle’s mansion to throw an 18th birthday party for Esther.

Upon arrival there is an air of unsettled creepiness about the place, made worse by the appearance of Jade’s old childhood acquaintance Wes (Jordan Dawes) who, as is apparent right from the start, she is very uncomfortable being around.

Unfortunately for her Holly manages to shoot the new arrival, so in a bid to keep him sweet Callum goes out on a charm offensive and invites the lad to join them for a bbq, which he happily accepts – however, when left alone with Holly he shows a much more sinister and threatening side – what could he be up to?

He isn’t the only one acting a bit odd though  – after spending most of the trip so far flirting relentlessly with Esther, Jade decides to proposition Tilly into sharing her girlfriend.  Tilly of course says no, but Jade isn’t that bothered as she has set up hidden cameras around the house and takes great (far too much if you ask us) pleasure in watching the two girls enjoying a romantic bath together.


Finally Jorgie Porter makes another Hollyoaks Later appearance this year as Theresa McQueen heads off to an army camp looking for her cousin Louis McQueen (Bryan Perry).  She finds him at the bad end of a rough stick being branded around by the officer in charge of his training, and it certainly seems that Louis is being targeted, but for reasons unknown.


Deciding enough is enough Louis and Theresa steal an army truck and make for the hills.

Hollyoaks Later continues tomorrow night, and every night this week at 10pm on E4.