Hollyoaks Later: Jorgie Porter doesn’t like Theresa McQueen’s wardrobe!

by Anna Howell

Hollyoaks beauty, Jorgie Porter has revealed that she is not the biggest fan of her alter-ego, Theresa McQueen’s skimpy outfits, and how wearing them often makes her blush!

The former Dancing On Ice contestant has played Theresa in the hit Channel 4 soap since 2008, and is about to take her character to a dangerous, more dark place next week as she joins the likes of Brendan Brady (Emmett J. Scanlan), Joel Dexter (Andrew Still), Cheryl Brady (Bronagh Waugh), Walker (Neil Newbon) and Mitzeee Minniver (Rachel Shenton) to the much-anticipated Hollyoaks Later series.

Fans of the show will see the pint sized actress swapping her bright lippy for blood as she embarks on a life threatening chase across Southport.

However the actress, who can often be seen in low cut tops and short skirts, admitted: “It is embarrassing. I’ve been on set the past couple of days where I’ve had to a red dress that was up my bum and my boobs were out, and I just think ‘This is not me, I would never wear this, I don’t have the confidence to wear this,’ but it’s fine, because it’s Theresa, I’m in character.

“And it helps to bring the character out when I’m in skimpy outfits, because it’s totally not me.”

Jorgie went on to insist that she didn’t feel any pressure to stay slim:

“If I’m full up with food, I just won’t stuff myself any more. As a kid I used to be really paranoid about it but I don’t think about it any more.

“I think that’s the last thing in the world you should worry about, your weight. You should just worry about how your family are stuff, and meeting up with your friends.”

Watch the superb promo for Hollyoaks Later in the clip below:

Hollyoaks Later begins on Monday 17th September at 10pm on E4!