Hollyoaks Later: Rachel Shenton on Mitzeee’s great escape! (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW AND PICTURES)

by Anna Howell

We are under a week away from this year’s, much-anticipated  Hollyoaks Later, and whilst we all wonder what we have to look forward to, Unreality TV can confirm the main players, and some of the gossip, in this years, deep, dark series.

Joel, Brendan, Walker and Cheryl all feature in this year’s Hollyoaks Later, along with Joel’s girlfriend, Theresa McQueen (Jorgie Porter) and Mitzeee (Rachel Shenton) who is currently just starting a seven year prison sentence for the attempted murder of Mercedes Fisher (Jennifer Metcalfe).

So with the amount of darkness already surrounding these main characters, it does leave the question remaining, just how much darker can the lifted restriction of a pre-watershed time slot take them, and with Mitzeee behind bars, and about to suffer a breakdown, just how is she going to be able to take part in all the action?  The Answers will blow your minds!

Unreality TV caught up with Rachel Shenton, who plays Mitzeee Minniver, to ask her, exclusively, about her character’s part in this year’s Hollyoaks Later!

Hollyoaks Later is obviously a big part of Hollyoaks, how did you feel when you found out you would be part of this year’s series?

“Amazing, I mean I have been in a lot of the Laters, the first of which I had only been in the show a few weeks, so it was great to be in that one, then last year too, so I really wasnt expecting to be involved.  I love doing laters, it almost feels like you are on some completely separate project, plus we are allowed to get away with more, we can swear and all sorts, it’s great!”

 How different is it to film the Later series away from the regular 6.30 show, and how isolated do you feel away from the rest of the cast?

“I wouldn’t say isolated so much, but you do definitely feel your working on another show. The biggest difference is obviously that you are on location for a lot of it so we aren’t actually in the building. And a lot of the characters are brand new & not in the 6:30 show.  we really can push the boundaries,  with regards to violence and references to sex and drugs, so it does just feel like we are doing our own project.”

We know that obviously Brendan (Brady played by Emmett J Scanlan), Cheryl (Brady played by Bronagh Waugh), Walker (played by Neil Newbon), Joel (Dexter played by Andrew Still) and Theresa (McQueen, played by Jorgie Porter) all feature in this year’s Hollyoaks Later, but the question on everyone’s lips is how Mitzeee can be part of it whilst she is in prison?

“Well, that’s what I thought, and why I didn’t think for a minute I would be involved this year, because Mitzeee is in prison, which geographically would be very difficult, as all my scenes are in one cell, & she has no contact with anyone.  But it was actually very interesting,  when they explained it to me I was amazed and thought it was like Fugitive.  Basically, Mitzeee is being transported from one prison unit to another, following her mental breakdown, going from the usual prison to a secure mental health unit.  Whilst she is being transferred to the unit, the car crashes and Mitzeee goes on the run.

“But, it’s against her will, as she has been handcuffed to another prisoner and it is the other prisoner who is the wayward one &  wants to escape, Mitzeee doesn’t at all.  At this point Mitzeee is far from her usual self, infact she is not even a shadow of her former self, you will have seen the decline in her character over the last few weeks on screen, and at this point in the story, when Laters airs, it’s gone from bad to worse.  So she basically just gets dragged around by this tall almost Amazonian like female lady prisoner.”

That sounds like it must have been really hard work to film…

“Yeah, it really was, and it was physically quite demanding as well.  The amazing actress who played her, Emmanuelle, her stature was so imposing, she was kind of double the size of me, and so it was physically exhausting being dragged around by her.”

 Is Mitzeee’s story directly connected with what’s going on with the Brady’s in the series?

“No, they are not connected, I have a completely separate strand, and it had to be that way.  Mitzeee’s on the run from prison, we are nowhere near anyone else, so there’s no path’s crossing, although it would have been nice, wouldn’t it, to have run into them in a petrol station or something.”

When we heard you were being broken out of prison, we naturally assumed Brendan would be involved somehow….

“That would have been great, wouldn’t it?  I think it was talked about for a while, but he is far too busy doing far more exciting things I am afraid, even though it was his fault I’m in prison in the first place”

With Hollyoaks Later directly affecting what happens following on from the 6.30 show, how much will what happens affect your character?

“The changeover is quite smooth actually.  Normally you have to allow for a certain amount of artistic licence in terms of believability, like you head back to the show and pretend things never happened, but in this case absolutely not,  the through-line is true & has been quite seamless, I was really pleased.

“It will affect the character hugely as there are really raw and horrible things that happen when she is on the run.  I hope People are going to be on the edge of their seats watching, and what you have to remember is where this girl has come from; this is a glamour model with big hair and fake eyelashes, she wasn’t born into a life of crime, from the start of her journey it’s  like day and night for this character and I am hoping that the audience can relate to her because of that, she isn’t a hard-nut, she just found herself in this situation.”

With everything that poor Mitzeee has been through lately, we are all routing for her to have a happy ending, is that something you want for her too, or are you enjoying this new level too much?

“I have had so many lovely tweets following the story of her and Riley and the stabbing (Mercedes stabbing herself and framing Mitzeee) and there is even a #freemitzeee campaign on Twitter now as well, which is great.  I definitely want to see a happy ending for her, the poor girl has been through enough, hasn’t she?  But at the moment she kind of feels like she is losing everything, especially now Riley (Costello, played by Rob Norbury) has got with Mercedes (Fisher, played by Jennifer Metcalfe)”

Would you like to see her get back together with Riley eventually?

“If you had asked me that maybe a month ago I would have said yes, but now I think he’s not rbeen there for her, and he hasn’t stuck by her as much as he ought to have done, so I’m not sure if she can’t do better.”

We have seen a very fickle side to Riley since Mitzeee was arrested….

“I think so too, and I think he is very easily led, which isn’t nice where Mitzeee’s concerned, so I hope she meets someone else, someone great.”

If you could sum up Hollyoaks Later this year in one line, what would it be?

“I think you are going to see everything, the big, the bad and the ugly and it’s going to be epic!”

Watch the superb promo for Hollyoaks Later in the clip below:

Hollyoaks Later begins on Monday 17th September at 10pm on E4!


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