Hollyoaks Later spoiler: Who is in the body bag?

by Anna Howell

We all know that at the end of this year’s series of Hollyoaks Later we will see the life of Brendan Brady hanging in the balance, but is it possible that the contents of a body bag being identified by his sister Cheryl may hold the answer?

We spoke to Emmett J. Scanlan, who plays the notorious Hollyoaks gangster, last week where he told us that Hollyoaks Later is not the end of the story for Brendan Brady, but could that have been a rouse as details emerging today suggest that SOMEONE is definitely going to be featured in a body bag after the series ends, but the question remain, who?

Speaking to Unreality TV last week, Emmett said:  “When Brendan finds out that Walker is an undercover policeman, it floors him.

“Brendan is a very clever cat, and he trusts no one so he is always suspicious, but he definitely doesn’t see that coming, and when it does, that will change the relationship for good, one of those guys is going to die, it’s going to have to be something like that, that kind of thing!”

“Laters ends on a cliff hanger, you will be left wondering if Brendan lives or dies, and I don’t think you should know whether he does, it deserves a proper ending and I think it’s good that it has a few more furlongs to go, but he definitely needs to sacrifice himself for a bit.”

However, todays Daily Star reports how Brendan’s sister, Cheryl Brady (Bronagh Waugh) will have to pay a visit to the morgue after the huge explosion due this week, which may have killed her twisted brother.

Execs at the hit Channel 4 soap are keeping incredibly tight-lipped about whose body is in the bag, but with only three people involved in the explosion, Cheryl, Walker (Neil Newbon) and Brendan, it would seem there is a fifty-fifty chance it is her brother she is going to identify.

The explosion happens in Nana Flo’s house, after Brendan kicks a gas pipe after discovering that Walker is not who he thought he was. A Hollyoaks insider said: “There are a number of twists and turns during the week and Brendan finally figures out that his friend Walker is not all he seems.

“But when his Nana Flo dies and he kicks a fireplace in his grief, it loosens a gas pipe. As Brendan confronts Walker and realises he’s not his mate at all, the house blows up. Viewers will be left wondering which one of them dies”.

Could this be the end of Brendan Brady?  Find out on September 25 in Hollyoaks at 6.30pm on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD.