Hollyoaks Rachel Shenten (Mitzeee Minniver): “I dont know who stabbed Mercedes”

The path of true love never runs smooth, especially not for new Hollyoaks couple, Mitzeee Minniver and Riley Costello, anyway!

Having finally declared their love for each other last week, the pair turn to the future looking forward to their new relationship, but there are a few people waiting in the wings for it to all go wrong, and since previous attempts to stop the budding romance have failed, Mitzeee’s stalker, Mercedes, turns up the gas a bit next week.

Fans of the hit Channel 4 teen drama will have watched poor Mitzeee (Rachel Shenton) having to deal with watching the love of her life, second cousin Riley (Rob Norbury) embark on a secret relationship with Lynsey Nolan (Karen Hassan), whilst being targeted by a dangerous and persistent stalker.

Unbeknown to Mitzeee the stalker was in fact her love rival and Riley’s ex fiancée, Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe), who had suspected the cousins of having relations since witnessing a kiss between them at baby Bobby’s christening.

However, Mercedes soon discovered that it was her best friend, Lynsey, who was actually involved with the father of her child, who was a much easier nut to crack, and was far too easy for Mercedes to manipulate, managing to split the couple up within days of finding out about them.

When Mitzeee and Riley declared their love to each other they were totally and blissfully unaware that it had all been seen by Mercedes (who was waiting in the bedroom for Riley having received a text from him intend for Mitzeee) and so next week she picks up where she left off on the stalking front.

However, things take a sinister turn when a lethal concoction of anti depressant’s, red wine, a startling realisation and a kitchen knife result in Riley and Lynsey discovering Mitzeee leaning over the motionless stabbed body of Mercedes in scenes due to air next week.

Mitzeee obviously becomes prime suspect number one, but as Rachel Shenton, the actress who plays her, explains to Digital Spy, things aren’t exactly what they seem.

Speaking to the entertainment website of the build up to the incident, Shenton commented: “Mitzeee really wants that unit of her, Riley and Bobby. It’s very unconventional, but she loves it. She loves Riley for all the right reasons and I think, for the first time, she’s actually quite content.”

“I think Riley was always going to be with Mitzeee in the end. Mitzeee knew that she had more sway with Riley, because they go back such a long way and there is a history there.”

“Ultimately, they had a strong connection and I think there’s no effort required for Mitzeee and Riley to be together – they do it so easily. They live together at the flat, they do the nappies and the dinner together, so it all works fine. I think Mitzeee was always going to get him, but her question was always whether Riley felt the same way or not.”

When asked about how the pair reacted to being told that their characters, who are second cousins in the show, would be getting together, Shenton said:  “As actors, when it first came up for the two of us, we said the same thing – ‘How does that work?!’ But it isn’t incestuous, because they’re only second cousins. Also, they grew up separately and came back into each other’s lives as adults. It certainly doesn’t feel like they’re family, and it doesn’t feel seedy. But yes, I do like that everyone talks about it!”

On the future stalking storyline’s dramatic conclusion, the actress said:  “I think at first, Mitzeee is so happy with Riley that she feels like she’s finally turned a corner and she can put everything to bed with the whole stalker thing – it’s been a while since that reared its ugly head. She’s very content, but then strange things start happening again.

“Mitzeee comes home one night and there are photographs of her all over the flat, which have been taken when she’s out and about. Mitzeee is shocked that this person not only has been following her every move, but also has a key to her flat or has gained access in some way. So not only has the stalker come back, but they’ve come back on a whole new level.”

“Mitzeee definitely has no idea that it’s Mercedes – in fact, Mercedes is probably the last person that she’d suspect. She actually thinks that it’s Lynsey and accuses her, because it seems to make sense.

“From Mitzeee’s point of view, Lynsey isn’t going out with Riley anymore and could be slightly bitter about it. Lynsey would also potentially still have a key to the flat, so it seems like the most logical explanation.”

“Mitzeee comes home and she’s in such a state because of the photographs and the other things that the stalker has done. She takes some antidepressant tablets to calm her down, and she has some wine too – which isn’t a great combination!

“Then Mercedes comes round saying that she wants to see if Mitzeee is okay. Mitzeee still has no idea who the stalker really is, but as they’re talking, Mercedes says something that makes Mitzeee discover the truth – and she’s totally shocked.

“Mitzeee is petrified and picks up a knife in the kitchen. The next thing you know, Mitzeee wakes up after being unconscious due to the tablets and the wine. The first thing she sees is Mercedes with a stab wound and there is blood everywhere. Mitzeee doesn’t have a clue whether she could have stabbed Mercedes, or if someone else came into the flat and did it.”

On fiming the dramatic scenes, Shenton commented:  “It’s just so exciting for me to film and I feel like Mitzeee has come on such a journey. We saw her as a bit of a bimbo and an airhead when she first joined the show, but then people had a bit more time for her and realised that she’s a decent person underneath it all.

“As an actress, it’s just so great to be able to play something like this and get your teeth into it. I’ve been blessed that I’ve been given so much, and these scenes were just a joy to film with Jen.”

According to the actress in the aftermath of the stabbing Brendan Brady (Emmett J Scanalan) comes to her rescue again.

“Mitzeee and Brendan formed an alliance quite early on, and they’ve been friends for a long time. He’s her partner in crime, as he’s the one who helped to send Warren down and the person who she rings when she’s in trouble. It’s very natural that Brendan would be the first person she would go to, as she knows she can trust him.

“Brendan is there for Mitzeee and he listens to her, as she still has no idea of what’s gone on. He helps her as much as he can, but I’m not allowed to give away too much about what happens after the stabbing…”

Hmmm, we sense a bit of a Janine Butcher self-stabbing conclusion on the horizon here for Mercedes, what do you think?  watch this video to remind your self and leave your comments below:

You can watch all this drama unfold in Hollyoaks every night next week at 6.30pm on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD.

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    dear Rachel Shenten I am a big fan of yours and I hope you stay in hollyoaks for a long time you are my favorite in the show and I would lose interest in the show if you left p.s I hope you have a very successful career as an actress all the best for the future and happy returns.
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