Hollyoaks: New cast member, Daniella Westbrook is hoping her new role becomes permanent!

by Anna Howell

Hollyoaks newcomer, Daniella Westbrook, has revealed that she would be happy to relocate to Liverpool if the hit Channel 4 soap were to offer her a permanent contract!

Who has been off screen for 3 years since last appearing as her best known character, Sam Mitchell on BBC rival soap EastEnders, is about to return to our soap screens, this time in Hollyoaks, as an ex-con pal of Jacqui McQueen (Claire Cooper) called Trudy.

However, despite her vast soap experience Daniella, whose character hires Jacqui and cousin Theresa (Jorgie Porter) as cleaners, had previously admitted to the Sun newspaper that she was nervous joining the Liverpool based soap as she was frightened to try something new, exclaiming at the time of staring:

“I was more scared on that first day of Hollyoaks than I’ve ever been on EastEnders or even on Dancing on Ice,” she said. “I was scared to do something different.

“I go back to EastEnders every so often and it’s like putting on your Ugg boots, it’s comfy. But this was something completely new.”

She did go on, however, to say how she was enjoying playing her new character, Trudy, who Westbrook describes as “ghetto-fabulous trailer trash”, as well as expressing a love of her temporary home, Liverpool: “I love it. We have such a giggle in make-up putting hairpieces on and I get a real kick out of working with Claire (Cooper, who plays Jacqui McQueen). And I love Liverpool.

“London is too busy, but up here people make time to say hello. And they’re so glamorous, I love that. They’re not clones up here, everyone’s got their own free spirit.”

And now it would seem that she has made herself right at home, as her love for the Northern city has prompted her to admit she would jump at the chance to live there permanently should she be given a full time job at the Lime Pictures soap.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz the actress, who at this time has only been drafted in to appear in 13 episodes as Trudy, explained: ”I’ve only done 13 episodes. We had to end it where it ends at the moment because that’s how the storyline progressed.

”But if they wanted me for a longer run in the show then I’d move up to Liverpool tomorrow to be in ‘Hollyoaks’. I had such great fun doing the show and I love Liverpool. I love the city and I love the people.”

And there is one person in particular the former EastEnder is particularly pleased to be working with, again!

Brian Kirkwood

Brian Kirkwood

Daniella, who recently admitted on a Jeremy Kyle Christmas special how her previous cocaine addiction reduced her to snorting the deadly drug whilst in labour with her son, has been reunited with her former EastEnders executive, Bryan Kirkwood, who is now producing Hollyoaks and says that she is thrilled to be working with him again, as well as expressing an excitement to be working with Hollyoaks legend, Claire Cooper:

”I had a good time working with Bryan on ‘EastEnders’ and he said to me I’d be working alongside Claire Cooper and I said, ‘Yeah, I definitely want to work with Claire.’ I just like her as an actress.”

”She was fantastic to work with. She really is a fantastic actress.”

Daniella’s first Hollyoaks scenes are due to air at 6.30pm on February 18 on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD

Watch Daniella’s Jeremy Kyle appearance in the clip below: