Hollyoaks: PJ Brennan on Doug being suicidal, and watch a special message from Emmett J Scanlan!

by Lynn Connolly

Hollyoaks star PJ Brennan has been telling Soaplife how his character’s desperate frame of mind leads to a heavenly vision in the form of his former co-star, Carley Stenson as Steph Roach.

As fans of the show will know, on Boxing Day, Doug’s going to reach rock bottom, having spent Christmas alone and miserable. So, he’ll decide to end it all by throwing himself off a bridge.

However, when he closes his eyes before taking the fatal jump, he’s astonished to find he’s back in his flat, and confronted by angel Steph.

When asked why Doug’s feeling so low, PJ said, “It’s been building up since Silas killed his girlfriend Becks…

“Everyone is making plans for Christmas and Doug feels a bit left out. He feels as if he doesn’t really belong in the village.

”As Christmas gets closer, Doug spends more and more nights in on his own. When he gets to his lowest point, he thinks there is no alternative but to end his life.”

And of the appearance of Steph in angelic form, PJ said, “She’s there for the Doug version of the film classic It’s A Wonderful Life.

“It’s part of the whole It’s A Wonderful Life episode…

“Angel Steph takes Doug into this alternative version of what Hollyoaks would be like if he’d never come to the village.”

So what effect will the experience have on Doug? PJ said, “The experience has a big impact on him and makes him see that he did have a place in the village after all.

“He won’t be the same again. This will give him a new perspective on life and it could even make him smile.”

And something else that could raise a smile – for fans anyway – is a newly released video in which we see Emmett J Scanlan talking about Brendan Brady’s revenge plan. However, to find out what will in fact happen between Brendan and Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) you’ll have to tune in over Christmas week!

Here’s the video…


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