Hollyoaks PJ Brennan says Doug’s wedding adds more depth to his relationship with Ste

by Anna Howell

Hollyoaks star PJ Brennan, who plays Doug Carter in the hit Channel 4 soap, believes that the current sham wedding storyline between his character and his boyfriend, Ste Hay makes their relationship “more real”.

Fans of the show will know how Doug has lead his parents to believe he is marrying his best gal-pal, Leanne (Jessica Forrest) in a bid to get his hands on the wedding day inheritance left by his dead grandmother.

Things have spiralled out of control with the preparations being organised by a Bridezilla version of Lianne, and whilst originally Doug resented his parents for being so stuck in their ways he felt he could not come out to them, he is now starting to enjoy the attention they are showering on him a bit too much.

Things come to a head this week when Ste (Kieron Richardson) issues an ultimatum as Doug prepares to tie the knot with Leanne Holiday, which will leave the future of the young lovers swinging in the balance.

PJ, who plays Doug, revealed to The press Association: “What I enjoyed about it is it’s not as cookie cutter and clean cut. We get a lot of people using the term ‘cute’ to describe Ste and Doug a lot and this kind of dirties it up a bit and makes it more real.”

The Brooklyn-born actor added: “Ste’s ultimatum is basically that it can’t go on any further, if this is a lie that you’re willing to maintain for the rest of your life, there are factors to it that need to be dealt with. Ste just kind of says, ‘This is it, you’ve got to do this or it’s over.’

“The dilemma that Doug has is he wants to prove a point that if his parents weren’t going to give him money because he’s gay, that’s wrong. But then as a result of all the time they’ve spent together, he’s really come for the first time to enjoy feeling accepted and loved and appreciated by his parents…

“Doug is a short-term sort of a person, and so the immediate gratification of having his parents around, loving him and giving him attention is, in an immature way, more important to him than the long run.”

PJ went on to describe wedding scenes, which he says were “surreal” to film:

“I used to live with Jess as well, we’re very, very good friends. So if I was going to fake marry anyone it would be Jess!”

Hollyoaks can be seen weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD.

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