Hollyoaks’ Rachel Shenton promises ‘Mitzeee will battle Myra’

by Anna Howell

Oh my, there is set to be a right jail bird showdown in Hollyoaks when falsely imprisoned Mitzeee Minniver comes face to face with Myra McQueen, the mother of the woman she is meant to have stabbed!

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know how Mitzeee (Rachel Shenton) is currently awaiting trial after Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) drugged her then framed her by stabbing herself last month, but after a recent attack on her cellmate, even Mitzeee is starting to believe that she is responsible for the crime.
With Mitzeee rotting away inside, Mercedes has managed to convince the entire village, including her ex-fiancée, and Mitzeee’s true love, Riley Costello (Rob Norbury) that she is an innocent victim after Mitzeee lashed out (a result of an intense stalking episode at the hands of Mercedes), and is slowly worming her way back into Riley’s affections.

But whilst her arch nemesis is playing happy families on the outside, Mitzeee is set for her already hell-like existence to intensify considerably when Mercy’s mum, Myra (Nicole Barber-Lane) is transferred to her prison next month.

Shenton told All About Soap of the storyline: “I think at that point Mitzeee just wonders if things could get any worse for her. She’s already having a really rough time, and then Myra shows up. It’s a very calculated decision on Myra’s part to get moved to the same jail.”

“Myra will battle tooth and nail for her daughter, and you can just imagine the fighting spirit she has. There’s a lot of serious verbal scrapping between Myra and Mitzeee, which in some ways is worse than a punch-up.”

That’s not all the troubled model has to worry about, as her cellmate, Shayne, begins to try and blackmail her in a bid to get her hands on some of Riley’s fortune, and when Mitzeee turns to her second-cousin-turned-lover for help, she doesn’t get the response she was expecting.

Shenton explained: “He’s not as supportive as she would like him to be, mainly as he’s dealing with his own problems back in the village. It’s pretty devastating for Mitzeee of course, because she’s still madly in love with Riley. She’s hoping he’ll have a change of heart.”

Hollyoaks can be seen weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD.