EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Hollyoaks Scarlett Bowman (Maddie) gives us all the gossip on this weeks Abersoch special!

In typical Hollyoaks style, whilst in the midst of drama and despair, the hit channel 4 teen drama is offering us some light relief away from the spectacular ‘Who killed Lynsey’ storyline, to follow the sixth formers as they embark on a week-long trip to the surfing town of Abersoch.

The trip comes after Maddie’s (Scarlett Bowman) discovery that her parents were getting  divorced during Friday’s episode, and in typical Maddie style  instead of acknowledging  her feelings she gathers up all the sixth former troops for an explosive week-long party at her parents holiday home in Abersoch.

Of course, as well as the laughs and the frolics, the week is not without its dramas, and as the week unfolds many secrets are revealed, especially when Esther (Jazmine Franks) turns up with George’s (Steven Roberts) new love interest Ryan (George Evans).

Maddie gets increasingly despondent at the weeks events and heads off on her own where she bumps into a friend of an old flame who accuses her of being a tease resulting in her finding herself in a very dangerous situation.

This isn’t the end of the drama for poor Maddie though, as there is a nasty surprise waiting for her back at the house!

The week is not set to settle down much for Esther, either,  when she confides in Tilly (Lucy Dixon) about Maddie’s parents divorce and Neil (Tosin Cole) finds himself in a spot of bother when he sets his eyes on the wrong girl and what starts off as fun does not end up being a barrel of laughs…!

When the gang return back from their trip, Maddie  is shocked to discover that her dad is leaving Hollyoaks for good.  How will this and the rest of the weeks events effect the teen who is so used to getting her own way, we had an exclusive chat with Scarlet Bowman who plays Maddie to find out:

Firstly we asked Scarlett what it was like filming away from set for the week-long adventure, with so many of the cast all there?

“It was great.  In Abersoch the weather was really hot and we were obviously filming outside for much of it which was really nice.  It felt a lot more natural being away from set, more relaxed, and we were right on the beach, us and the camera crew.  It was a lot of fun, but we were working every day so it was quite a hectic schedule meaning we didn’t have much time to enjoy the recreation as much as we would have liked, but it was still lovely to be filming out and about”

Maddie flies into a rage after her parents divorce announcement

This is obviously a big shock for Maddie, who is so used to always getting her own way, how do you think she will react to her parents divorce, after this blow out?

“As you know Maddie is used to always being centre of attention and gives the impression all the time that everything is perfect.  When her parents get divorced it proves to her and everyone else that everything isn’t perfect and she kind of lashes out as it really does effect her and she almost feels humiliated by the whole thing, knowing that the rest of the gang now know her life isn’t so sweet.  I think in some ways people are going to see a more vulnerable side to Maddie, which she doesn’t really want and makes her lash out more, so as much as people will get to see a softer side to her, she is also very likely to make some more enemies with her reaction”

We all know how manipulative Maddie can be, will we see any of that master-manipulation rearing in order to try and get her dad to stay?

“She isn’t really like that with her dad, probably the one person she isn’t, she genuinely loves him and wants him to stay.  When it becomes clear that isn’t going to happen, she decides she wants to go and live with him rather than her mum, but she has no control over the situation.”

Tell us a bit more about the old friend that Maddie bumps into and whether  you agree with him that she is a tease?

“I wouldn’t say so much a tease, she is definitely a flirt.  She likes to believe that every man fancies her, when in reality some do and some don’t.  She is at a party when she bumps into him, she doesn’t want to be rude, but I guess she is leading him on a bit, but he is also really arrogant and assumes that she wants to have some involvement with him, when in truth Maddie really doesn’t.”


The Abersoch action begins in tonight’s Hollyoaks at 6.30pm and continues all this week on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD.