Hollyoaks Spoiler: Is Sinead about to abort Rhys’ baby?

by Anna Howell

Now that the shock of being pregnant has finally sunk in for Hollyoaks Sinead, and the shock that the father is Rhys just about sunk in with us, the sixth former has some difficult decisions to make in the hit Channel 4 soap next week.

Fans of the award-winning show will know how Sinead (Stephanie Davis) discovered that she was pregnant after miraculously surviving the bus crash that saw 4 Hollyoaks regulars lose their lives in the epic Enjoy The Ride storyline earlier this month. Devastated at the thought of her dreams ending, Sinead went into retreat mode, leaving her step-mum, Dianne (Alex Fletcher) to deliver the news to Sinead’s stone-head boyfriend, Bart McQueen (Johnny Clarke).

Of course what he doesn’t know, but the viewers do, is that last month Sinead slept with a mystery man at the Kane’s house party, and after we saw her stealing a picture of Rhys (Andy Moss), who died in the bus crash tragedy, from the McQueen’s house, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that Bart isn’t the father!

Now the dust has started to settle (no pun intended), Sinead is left with the daunting realisation that she is about to be a mother, and that her dreams of University have now been snatched away from her.

However, there is another option that she hasn’t considered, and after being offered a place at the University that she wanted, Sinead decides that she is going to have her pregnancy terminated.

Despite knowing that being pregnant means she cannot accept a place at Uni, Sinead decides to go along for the interview anyway, still clinging on to her dreams of becoming a vet.

The interview doesn’t get off to a great start, when the person interviewing her catches Sinead throwing up beforehand, but once they begin talking, her enthusiasm and intelligence shines through and Sinead is offered a place on the course there and then.

This causes Sinead to reconsider her rather forced decision to keep her unborn child, as she is fully aware of how important a good education is, but Dianne and Bart are not very supportive.

Sinead heads off to the hospital still pondering her decision, when Diane and Bart arrive, begging her to change her mind and keep the baby.

Bart is desperate to be a dad to the baby, blissfully unaware that it isn’t actually his, but will Sinead keep letting him believe he is, and keep the child, or admit the truth making the decision hers, and her alone?

Watch Sinead and the other Hollyoaks teenagers discussing the bus crash in the Doc U clip below:

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