Hollyoaks spoiler: Amy Barnes will kiss Ste Hay!

Oh dear, unlucky-in-love Amy Barnes is set to upset the apple cart of her little family in Hollyoaks next week when she kisses Ste Hay, according to the Daily Star newspaper!

Fans of the show will know how troubled Amy, played by Ashley Slanina-Davies, has had a tough time lately following the hit and miss relationship with Australian hunk, and murder suspect, Ally Grogan (Dan O’Connor) but her latest move is set to surprise everyone when she moves in to kiss the father of her children, her gay best friend, Ste Hay (Keiron Richardson)!

Ste and Amy have pulled together after a very turbulent past which included teenage pregnancy, post natal depression, domestic violence and finally Ste’s coming out, to live as a friends in a stable family environment for the children.  They became closer than ever in this new set up, but Amy is set to push the boundaries of their close friendship when she lands a kiss on an unrespecting Ste.

The situation occurs when the blonde bombshell has had too much to drink and misreads Ste’s heart to heart as romantic, but is left very red faced when a horrified Ste pulls away.

According to the paper, Ste cannot believe that Amy would try such a thing and is so embarrassed the next day that she makes the decision to leave Hollyoaks for good, with their children!

A Hollyoaks insider said: “Amy has been through so much. She had her kids very young and has had a string of doomed relationships. So, following the breakdown of her latest relationship, she feels worse than ever.

“Things are going to be very awkward between Amy and Ste for quite a while.”

That isn’t the only drama that Ste has to contend with as his new boyfriend, Doug’s (PJ Brennan) parents turn up in the village, unaware that their son is now gay and in a relationship with Ste.

Doug decides to avoid telling them the truth by getting his best gal-pal Lianne (Jessica Forrest) to pose as his pretend girlfriend, but when Lianne gets a little too much into character, Doug has to try and find a way out of the fact that his parents not only believe he is in love with Lianne, but that she is also expecting his baby!

Watch the action unfold from next week on Hollyoaks.

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