Hollyoaks Spoiler: Doug and Lianne in scam wedding!

by Anna Howell

Nothing can beat a good soap wedding, not even the fact that the groom is gay it would seem!

Fans of Hollyoaks will know how last week Doug’s (PJ Brennan) parents turned up in the village unexpectedly, and under the impression that the new special someone in their son’s life is female, as he forgot to mention the fact that he has come out!
Caught like a rabbit in the headlights, and so not ready to tell them the truth, Doug enlists the help of his good friend, Lianne (Jessica Forrest) to pose as his girlfriend, but in a Greek tragedy kind-of-way, things soon spiral out of control, leaving his mum and dad happily discussing Doug and Lianne’s wedding, and the baby they think they are expecting, as a jealous Ste (Keiron Richardson) looks on.

But if that wasn’t bad enough, things are set to get even more complicated as it is revealed to Doug that he is to receive an inheritance when he gets married, money which he and Ste could really do with after the Deli was robbed last week.

As the deli break in was her fault, Lianne agrees to take the charade to the next level for her friends, but after Doug gets down on one knee and proposes properly, a white satin and lace wedding dress mist engulfs her vision, and she starts getting carried away and planning the wedding of the year!

This storyline is set to have some side-splittingly hilarious moments, and many twists and turns in the road.  Speaking to Digital Spy, Jessica Forrest, who plays Lianne, commented:

“As soon as wedding bells are mentioned, Leanne is just going crazy, because she loves a good wedding! So she’s dragged into it, but I think she’s in too deep and she doesn’t really understand what she’s signed up for.”

“Doug and Ste really need the money, so they’re going ahead with it because Doug will get a wedding inheritance once he’s married. With Leanne, it’s not that she’s being mischievous – she just gets carried away with this idea of a big wedding. It’s her dream to get married, so she just goes along with the idea!”

“You’ll see that Leanne’s in her own little world, and she doesn’t really take the money into consideration. When the money’s mentioned, she actually gets quite upset about it and says, ‘How dare you bribe me?’ But when Doug finally gets down on one knee and does it the proper way, she says, ‘Of course I’ll marry you – why wouldn’t I?’ So it’s a bit bonkers, as it often is with Leanne!”

Discussing Ste’s part in proceedings, the bubbly blonde commented:

“Well, it’s Ste’s idea! He points out to Doug that they could really do with this money, because they’re skint. At the same time, though, Ste is still very reluctant about it and he wants his boyfriend back. Bridezilla’s on the scene and she’s killing every romantic moment that they have.

“I don’t think Ste realised how big the wedding was going to be. So even though it’s his idea, there are a lot of scenes where it’s obvious that he’s jealous.”

 Hollyoaks can be seen week nights at 6.30pm on Channel4/Channel 4 HD.