Hollyoaks Spoiler: Doug comes out of the closet!

The start of summer’s sizzling new romance could be a round the corner in Hollyoaks, as Doug Carter is about to come out and admit he is gay in a bid to prove to business partner Ste Hay that he is serious about their budding relationship.

Viewers have watched over the past few weeks how straight Doug (PJ Brennan) has developed deeper feelings for deli co-owner, Ste (Keiron Richardson), but how his confusion over his sexuality caused Ste to back away,claiming the loveable yank wasn’t ready to deal with how he felt yet.

But all that is set to change, as Doug makes a bold deceleration to Ste in an attempt to prove how serious he is about the father of two, by admitting to the village that he is gay.

Brennan discussed the development with Inside Soap magazine, telling them:: “Doug has shut himself off from the world – he hasn’t been showing up for work and has been hiding away from Texas, Leanne and Dennis.

“He’s wholly unwilling to deal with the issue at hand – that’s very much like Doug – and to everyone else he appears to be slipping into a deep depression.

“What’s been cool about filming these scenes is discovering the nice group of people Doug has around him.”

Talking about how the situation evolves, Brennan teases: “Texas comes to the forefront, as she’s one of the most important people in his life at Hollyoaks.

“There’s a lovely moment where she gently coaxes him into telling her the truth about his homosexuality.”

When we spoke to Keiron Richardson and PJ Brennan at the British Soap Awards they hinted that the romance was going to make the summer hotter for viewers, so grab your suncream guys and gals, as once this is out in the open, we could be set for a heatwave!

Watch how their relationship got to this stage in the clip below:

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