Hollyoaks spoiler: Dr Browning plays Mercedes at her own game, and the police have some questions for her too!

Oh dear it looks like the game may up for Hollyoaks vixen, Mercedes Fisher, as her latest scam, the sham relationship between her and Dr Browning, is about to come unstuck!

Fans of the show will know how Dr Browning ( Joe Thompson)  has become somewhat obsessed with Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) and since lying to the police about what time he bought her back to the village on the afternoon of Lynsey’s (Karen Hassan) murder, has a clear hold on the WAG.
Mercedes main mission is to get her ex fiancée, Riley Costello (Rob Norbury), back and so far the steps she has taken to secure this have been very drastic indeed.  First of all she began an intense stalking campaign against Riley’s latest love interest, Mitzeee (Rachel Shenton) to the point that she has even had her arrested and charged for attempted murder after she managed to convince everyone, including Mitzeee, that she had stabbed her.

With Mitzeee safely behind bars the next obstacle to get in Mercedes way was Lynsey discovering the truth about the stalking, but conveniently she was murdered before she had a chance to tell anyone!

The police checked out Mercedes for an alibi on the afternoon of the murder which she gave by exaggerating the time she left hospital by a couple of hours.  When they went to the hospital to confirm her story, Dr Browning, who was the one who drove her home with plenty of time for her to commit the crime, lied for her and disposed of the paperwork proving what time she really left.  Or did he?

Since then Dr Browning has moved into the flat opposite Riley and convinced Mercy that the best way to get Riley back would be to pretend that they have started a relationship to make Riley jealous, which to be honest, seems to be working.

Fans of the show would have seen how last night Riley made a move on Mercedes with her pulling away saying that they were only friends.  She then went back to celebrate the victory with her new partner in crime, Dr Browning.

What she didn’t see, however, was Dr Browning hiding round the corner watching the entire scene between her and Riley, before heading back upstairs and shredding a ball gown he had bought her in an incessant jealous rage.

Mercedes is actually starting to think that perhaps Dr Browning is the better option, but before she has a chance to act on it she catches him with another woman and so makes a stand against him.

The question is does she know what she is dealing with? An anonymous tip-off to the police questioning Mercedes alibi suggests not!

Mercedes is set to have to pull out her best performance to date when the police start sniffing around her for Lynsey’s murder, but with Dr Browning no longer on side, just who will she be able to get to corroborate her alibi?

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