Hollyoaks Spoiler: Esther’s (Jazmine Franks) bullying gets worse, and Nikki Sanderson teases her new plot line as Mitzeee’s sister, Maxine!

by Anna Howell

Poor Esther Bloom really needs to find some new friends in Hollyoaks, as the bullying she is currently enduring at the hands of her so-called current ones, is set to get even worse!

Next week, not content with showing her in her underwear online twice and exposing her personal affairs to the entire college, the sixth formers decided to play a nasty trick on poor Esther (Jazmine Franks).
Fans of the show will know how Esther has recently turned to chat rooms in order to find friends, and has found a girl named Rosie to pour her heart out to.  Well, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that Rosie is actually made up, with bullies Sinead (Stephanie Davis) and Maddie (Scarlet Bowman) taking Esther for a ride, pretending to be a new friend for the young fashion designer in order to make a fool out of her yet again!

Unaware that Rosie is a cruel prank, Esther arranges to meet her new cyber-friend, but on route receives a phone call from a terrified “Rosie” who claims she is being followed.

Esther hurries to the place that they have arranged to meet, only to find what looks like a dead body lying on the ground, before she is grabbed by someone from behind.

The person who grabs her is actually Bart McQueen (Johnny Clarke) and the dead body is actually her supposed best friend, and ridiculously disloyal sister figure, Ruby (Anna Schafer) who does feel guilty about her part in the prank, but will not say anything for fear of being rejected from the circle of friends she has so longed to be accepted into.

Poor Esther is so terrified that she wets herself, which of course Maddie films and instantly posts online.

You can watch these scenes unfold on Hollyoaks on Wednesday, October 31 at 6.30pm on Channel 4/Channel 4 HD

Meanwhile, new cast member, Nikki Sanderson, has teased about her character, Maxine’s, upcoming storyline.

We reported last month how former Coronation Street actress, Sanderson – who played hairdresser Candice in the hit ITV soap, has been brought in to play the little sister of currently incarcerated Mitzeee Minniver (Rachel Shenton).

Speaking to All About Soap, Sanderson confirmed that her character would be sticking around for a while as she has signed a contract to stay at Hollyoaks until August next year at least.

However, there are set to be fireworks when Maxine arrives next month, as the last time Mitzeee saw her she was running off to Spain with Mitzeee’s fiancée Gary, where she has been ever since.

Sanderson told All About Soap of her Hollyoaks part: “Oh, it’s very exciting. I had to keep quiet about the role for so long, which wasn’t easy because I’m not the best at keeping secrets! So it’s nice to be able to shout it from the rooftops now.

“Everyone’s been really friendly at Hollyoaks – I’m having an absolute ball and am looking forward to the future so much.”

She added: “My contract lasts up until next August, so you’ll definitely be seeing a lot of Maxine on your screens.”

Discussing the sisterly feud, she continued:

“Maxine stole Mitzeee’s fiancé Gary and ran off to live with him in Spain five years ago,” she said. “They haven’t seen or spoken to each other since, and their relationship’s more than strained.

“But Maxine is so ignorant she reckons she can swan back into Mitzeee’s life and everything will be totally hunky dory.”

It soon becomes clear to Maxine that is worth sticking around in the village when it is revealed that the Dog in the Pond pub has been left to her sister in Riley’s will, but will Mitzeee see through her manipulation?

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD.