Hollyoaks spoiler: Jeff Rawle (Silas Blissett) reveals more about his character’s return, and explains why Will Savage (James Atherton) is a suspect in Lynsey Noland’s (Karen Hassan) murder!

Ahh, the plot thickens in Hollyoaks!

We reported last week how evil serial killer, Silas Blissett (Jeff Rawle) was returning to the soap by way of being visited in his psychiatric ward by Texas Longford (Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove) after Lynsey Nolan’s (Karen Hassan) murder, ruling him out as a suspect.

Viewers would have seen in last night’s show both the police and Texas thinking that the murder has something to do with Silas, and when Texas goes to visit him next week he starts playing his evil mind games again, suggesting he does indeed have something to do with it, and that his work is being carried out for him by her close friend, Will Savage (James Atheron).

Will Savage was originally listed as a suspect, along with Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe), Walker (Neil Newbon), Brendan’s arch nemesis, Sampson and Silas, but the reason for suggesting he had any involvement was lame to say the least – apparently he was upset that she had walked across him whilst taking a photo.

Jeff Rawle has discussed with All About Soap his character’s upcoming storyline, explaining that his role was far from over:

“There was still more to explore, but I became unavailable due to other work commitments. There were always unanswered questions, so it seemed like a good idea to return for this storyline. I hope the fans will be pleased to see him back.”

As to whether this will be Silas’s final appearance, he replied: “Probably, but who knows? There’s a big question mark hanging over what happens to him. The writers might want to investigate that. I’d be happy to pop back for [another] return as Silas in the future, so I’ll keep you posted!”

Rawle explained Will’s involvement: “He uses that as another bait. Silas knows that Texas and Will are close, so he points the finger of suspicion his way. It isn’t just Will, though – Silas is out to put quite a few people in the frame, no-one is safe.

“You can never be sure what’s going through Silas’s mind. People who are watching will have to decide for themselves what’s the truth and what’s utter poppycock!”

He also revealed that Silas will escape from his  psychiatric hospital as the storyline continues.

Watch the backstage footage of Karen’s final scene in the clip below:

Hollyoaks can be seen week nights at 6.30pm on Channel4/Channel4 HD.

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  1. leanne on July 4, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    thought it could have bin silas but implicating will now wen silas was 1st in the show and those late night episodes where he was after theresa and got rae instead thought he may of implicated will then but not now especially theresa not being with will nemore and will not having in my opinion it in him to kill some1 .

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