Hollyoaks Spoiler: Mercedes to be kidnapped again?

by Anna Howell

Oh dear, it looks like all the games Mercedes Fisher has been playing in Hollyoaks are going to come back and bite her on the bum in a huge way, when she finds herself held hostage yet again by a mystery kidnapper during an episode next week, according to the Daily Star newspaper.

Fans of the hit Channel 4 show will know how Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) has been spiralling out of control with her recent behaviour, which has seen her stalk Mitzeee (Rachel Shenton) and framing her for attempted murder after stabbing herself, and more recently started a sham relationship with evil Dr Browning (Joseph Thompson) in order to make her ex, Riley (Rob Norbury) jealous.
However, it is becoming quickly apparent that this time she has bitten off more than she can chew, as Dr Browning gives her a seriously dangerous run for her money in the mind games department.

Last week viewers will have seen how to get Mercedes back for telling his superiors at work that he was a frequent user of prostitutes, Paul told the police that Mercedes lied about the time she was discharged from hospital at the time Lynsey Nolan was murdered, before quickly giving her a new alibi.

But whilst she may think she has the upper hand, especially where men are concerned, Mercedes is in for the shock of her life next week when she finds herself the victim of a kidnapping for the second time in her life.

Fans of the show will not have forgotten that the menacing McQueen was locked in the vault during the terrifying reign of serial killer, Silas Blissett last year, whilst pregnant with her son Bobby, and with Silas still on the run from police having escaped his secure unit in hospital, maybe her kidnapper’s identity won’t be such a mystery after all, or will it?

Whilst show bosses at the hit teen drama are keeping the identity a tight-lipped secret, a show insider commented to the paper:

“Mercedes has lied, cheated and schemed for so long it was only a matter of time until someone caught up with her.

“She’s only days away from having to face love rival Mitzeee in court where she knows she’s got to pull off the performance of a lifetime.

“She stabbed herself to get Mitzeee out of the picture and has been plotting to get back with Riley ever since.

“So when she is tied up and kidnapped, viewers will be left wondering whether her lies have finally caught up with her.”

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Meanwhile, next week’s focus in Hollyoaks is the big Heist of Brendan and Walker, watch a promo clip for the week long special edition below:

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