Hollyoaks Spoilers: Mitzeee accused of snatching baby Bobby, and Carl Costello returns to ruin Mercedes plans!

by Anna Howell

With all the excitement that has been happening last week in Hollyoaks Later, we thought you might like to have a little sneak at what the future has in store for all your favourite characters as one of the main storylines comes crashing to a climax on our screens!

Fans of the show will know how Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) and Riley are planning their wedding before moving to Dubai where Riley (Rob Norbury) has accepted a new football job.
However, with Mitzeee (Rachel Shenton) still on the run following her impromptu prison break during last week’s Hollyoaks Later, and now fully able to remember what happened that night, she is determined to have one more go at trying to convince Riley that she is innocent, and that he still loves her.

This won’t be an easy thing to achieve, especially as the last time she saw him she left him and Mercedes tied up in their flat before making a run for it.  But we all saw that little glimmer of doubt in Riley’s eyes after Mitzeee proved Mercedes wasn’t scared of her after holding a knife to her again.

Fans of the show are in for a treat tonight as Mitzeee arrives at Riley’s door and attempts to convince him that Mercedes is behind all that has been happening, and from the looks of these pictures it seems that she is rather convincing!

However, Mitzeee isn’t the only thing that Mercedes has to worry about as tomorrow she gets a rather unpleasant surprise wedding guest, Riley’s dad, Carl!

Fans of the show will know how it was Mercedes affair with Carl that ended her first attempt to marry Riley, so with him reappearing there is bound to be a trail left from the can of worms it opens, as well as all the open wounds that time just couldn’t heal!

But, all the above is a walk in the park for poor (yes we said poor, you will see why if you keep reading) Mercedes, as later that day she makes a horrifying discovery – baby Bobby has been snatched!

Never one to miss an opportunity though, Mercedes instantly points the finger at Mitzeee whilst the entire village launches a massive man hunt to locate the tot.  With no success the McQueen family hold a live TV appeal for people to help find the missing child, during which Mercedes accuses Mitzeee publicly.

Meanwhile, as pregnant Nancy (Jessica Fox) continues to help Mitzeee, her husband Darren (Ashley Taylor-Dawson) finds out and begs her to stop, if you want to see the result of this, click here.

For a sneaky peak at what you have tolook forward to, click on the link below:

Watch all this drama unfold this week on Hollyoaks at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD.

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