Hollyoaks spoiler: Mitzeee gets her man just before she stabs Mercedes!

OMG, there is just too much gossip in this Hollyoaks spoiler to know where to begin, can you handle it?

We have all been on the edge of our seats watching the four-sided love triangle of Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe), Riley (Rob Norbury), Lynsey (Karen Hassan) and Mitzeee (Rachel Shenton), and at close of play on Friday, Mitzee was flitting the village after being rejected by Riley again.

However, what she didn’t know is that Riley was on his way back to her flat as Lynsey had just ended their brief romance after Mercedes had been feeding her doubt over his connection with his cousin (that he kissed) in an attempt to slyly spilt the couple up, still ever determined to get her man back, resulting in  Lynsey becoming  a jealous wreck.

According to the soaps website, Mitzeee is set to return next week, and faced with a freshly single Riley, moves in for the kill this Wednesday.

Well, he must respond the way she wants him to as The Daily Star newspaper today reports that on June 27th, just as Riley and Mitzeee are about to go public with their relationship, a violent showdown between Riley’s fame hungry cousin, and his ex fiancee, results in Mercedes being stabbed!

According to the paper, Mercedes ups her stalker game with the wannabe WAG, causing the model/socialite to go into complete meltdown model, putting pressure on her new relationship.

With no one else to turn to (really Riley, you could have looked a bit harder), Riley confides in Mercedes of the situation. Mercedes acts the concerned friend to the footballer, but then heads straight over to Mitzeee, where a heated row between the two reaches boiling point.

Viewers will watch in horror as Riley and Lynsey arrive to find Mercedes on the floor surrounded by blood caused by a stab wound, with a horrified Mitzeee leaning over the motionless body of her stalker, and love rival.

A Hollyoaks insider told the paper: “Mercedes has done everything she can to split Riley and Mitzeee up. Her obsession has been ruling her life ever since he walked out on her on their wedding day.

“And with Mitzeee and Riley about to go public she loses the plot. She goes round to torment Mitzeee and what happens next leaves her in a life-threatening situation.

“But all is not what it seems and viewers will be shocked when they watch this storyline unfold.”

Watch the drama unfold, leaving Mercedes fighting for her life, a week on Thursday on the hit Channel4 teen drama!

Fans can see Mercedes fighting for her life on June 27.

Watch how this story began in the clip below:

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