Hollyoaks Spoiler: Rhys to face the wrath of Jacqui!

by Anna Howell

With all the drama that has been going on with the McQueen family in Hollyoaks recently it’s no wonder that the new affair between Rhys Ashworth and Cindy Longford has gone so far undetected, but that may be about to change!

Fans of the show will know how whilst Jacqui (Claire Cooper) has been dealing with her families problems, including the kidnapping of baby Bobby Costello (which later on turned out to be a hoax), her husband, Rhys (Andrew Moss) has been having it away with his boss’ wife, Cindy (Stephanie Waring).

So far both Jacqui and Cindy’s husband, and Jacqui’s ex we might add, Tony (Nick Pickard) have been none the wiser about their cheating spouses, but that is all about to change as Jacqui finally cottons on to the fact that Rhys has been lying to her.

The signs have been there for ages, but just when Jacqui looks like she is finally about to work it out, another McQueen’s drama diverts her attention away again.

Things reach a head when next week, whilst sneaking off to be with Cindy, Rhys tells Jacqui that he is going to see his good friend, Darren (Ashley Taylor-Dawson).

However, what Rhys does not realise is that Darren is very much otherwise engaged as he is with his wife Nancy (Jessica Fox)and their new-born, premature son. Jacqui, on the other hand is made aware of this, and all hell breaks loose!

Rhys and Cindy manage to get themselves locked in the gym overnight, meaning Rhys has well and truly broken his curfew!

When he finally returns home the next morning, he lessens his chance of survival notably by continuing with the charade that he has spent the night with Darren, blatantly lying to Jacqui’s face!

As you can see by the pictures, it’s not going to be easy to wriggle out of this one!

Watch all the drama unfold in Hollyoaks on Tuesday, October 11 at 6.30pm on Channel 4.