Hollyoaks spoiler: After Lynsey Nolan’s murder Silas Blissett escapes from hospital and holds Texas Longford hostage!

Evil murderer, Silas Blissett, is set to return the village of Hollyoaks next week when he escapes from hospital, and holds Texas Longford hostage!

Fans of the E4 show would have seen Silas (Jeff Rawle) return to their Hollyoaks screens during Friday’s episode when Texas (Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove) visited the serial killer in order to get information out of him regarding Lynsey Nolan’s death.  During the visit Silas implied that the person who killed Lynsey was not a copycat, they were in fact working for him.

Despite insisting to Texas that he was sorry Lynsey had been killed, Silas confided that her death was not a lone act, and that another girl would be killed at 2pm the next day.

Whilst we wait to see whether that happens or not, in a shocking twist to the story Silas is set escape from his secured psychiatric ward and lay in wait for Texas at her home.

Terrified Texas, who Silas told was next on his murder list before he was caught, has no idea that the monster has even escaped so is completely taken back by his presence as she grabs her mobile phone whilst pinning her up against the wall.

The student – whose sister India was Silas’ first victim – knows her only hope is an expected visit from her on/off boyfriend, Dodger (Danny Mac) but when he turns up and Texas doesn’t answer the door he shrugs it off and walks away.

Silas tells Texas that he has unfinished business with her before tying her up and holding her hostage.

A Hollyoaks insider told the Daily Star newspaper: “It’s Texas he blames for his downfall. If he hadn’t got chatting to her online then he’d never have met and murdered her sister India.”

This isn’t the first time that helping the police has landed Texas in how water, watch what happened when she took part in a reconstruction following India’s death in the clip below:

Watch the drama unfold on Hollyoaks on Channel 4  a week on Thursday.

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  1. Sophie on July 11, 2012 at 12:28 am

    The writers better not kill Texas off as well!!!
    The viewers should seriously get to vote on this kind of thing haha, you’ve gotta love a good hostage story but she’s one of my favourite characters you can’t kill her off as well as Linsey.
    Plus it would be the ‘ultimate win’ for Silas because Texas was his prize (and it’s a little too predictable to be honest)
    please please please don’t kill her off haha

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