Hollyoaks spoiler: Silas wont face trial and Mercedes has a meltdown!

Already unstable stalker, Mercedes McQueen, is set to have a complete meltdown in Hollyoaks next week, after she finds out that her former kidnapper and tormentor, Silas Blissett, will not stand trial for his crimes against her.

Blissett kidnapped and held prisoner pregnant Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe), as well as killing several others, and attempting to murder Mercedes best friend, Lynsey Nolan (Karen Hassan), but is certified insane before the case gets to court.

When Mercedes learns the news via a newspaper, she can’s handle it and turns to drink heavily to block out the pain, ending up on a massive downward spiral which results in yet another row with ex fiancée Riley Costello (Rob Norbury).

All seems lost for the troubled McQueen, but a very unlikely person manages to help her through the crisis, Riley’s new girlfriend, and fellow victim, Lynsey Nolan, and the pair come together to help each other come to terms with everything that they have been through

A show insider told the Daily Star Sunday: “Silas put Mercedes through hell. So when she finds out she’s not going to get her day in court she is beside herself.

“She’s been gearing up for this day for months and it’s the only thing that has kept her going.

“She only finds out he is unfit to stand trial when it’s in the papers. It sends her over the edge and she ends up drinking.

“Luckily Lynsey gets through to her and the pair of them vow to get over everything that has happened to them together.”

Viewers can watch the drama unfold on the Channel4 hit soap on Wednesday 30th May at 6.30pm

Watch the moment when Silas tells Lynsey that he is going to kill her in the clip below:

Hollyoaks can be seen week day evenings at 6.30pm on Channel4/Channel4 HD.