Hollyoaks Blast Spoilers: Danny Mac says even his mum thought Dodger was dead after explosion!


Hollyoaks fans everywhere had their hearts in their mouth earlier this month when an explosion ripped through the village threatening to take the lives of several main characters with it.

In the blast, which was caused by a homemade bomb, originally intended for the loft nightclub but that was accidentally transported to a house party being held by Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) and Dog Carter (PJ Brennan) where it was detonated by evil Clare DeVine, both Ash Kane (Holly Weston) and Doug died instantly, with both Leanne Holiday (Jessica Forrest) and Dodger Savage (Danny Mac) left fighting for their lives in hospital.

The confirmed amount of deaths reported by show bosses for the storyline was five, with two of the other fatalities being Clare DeVine and Dr Browning (Joseph Thompson) who both died away from the explosion, leaving everyone wondering who out of Dodger and Leanne would be the final exit.

Fans everywhere were torn, having to decide who out of the two of them they would rather see die, and the show did nothing to help us figure out who would make it.


The final death turned out to be Leanne, but right till the very end people feared it would be Dodger, even Danny Mac, the actor who plays him, admitting his own mother believed he was a gonner!

According to Mac his mother called him to blast him for lying to her, as he has been explaining to Yahoo:

“It’s strange, even my own mum called up and said, ‘Have you been lying to me? Are you really still working there?’ because she really thought I was gone.

“Actually, from reading the script and even after we’d shot it, I never realised that it was going to look that way for that amount of time and be such a big deal.

“It is nice that people don’t know, that’s what Hollyoaks is about. It always leaves people wondering what’s going to happen. I’m so over the moon that I got to be a part of that thing.”


On the show’s future, which we know still has a lot more explosive storylines to come, he continued:

“I think the show’s become so condensed now and everyone’s stories are so intertwined and everyone’s stories are so linked to each other – people are related to each other, they don’t know that they are, but they are – and you’ve just got stories that are involved within the town and the family that is Hollyoaks now.

“It’s nice, it’s easy to follow and it has found its place again.”

Hollyoaks can be seen week nights at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD.

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