Hollyoaks Spoilers: Ashley Taylor-Dawson says Darren Osborne is still in love with Nancy (Jessica Fox) and is only on the rebound with Sienna Blake (Anna Passey)!


Fans of Hollyoaks have been watching in utter disbelief these last few weeks as scheming Sienna Blake has systematically removed Nancy Osborne from her family, and replaced her with herself.

Sienna (Anna Passey) began her take-over after she discovered Nancy’s (Jessica Fox) secret painkiller addiction and used it to her advantage, alerting her husband Darren (Ashley Taylor-Dawson) and framing her as a bad mother and wife.

Now Darren has completely fallen for the plan and kicked his wife out of their home, leaving her young son Oscar with him, and this week  has asked Sienna to move in with him to help run the family.

However, all may not be lost as Ashley Taylor-Dawson has been explaining to Digital Spy that Darren still loves Nancy and that Sienna is just a rebound:

“Right from the beginning, Darren has been shocked by Nancy’s painkiller addiction, because it’s so unlike her. At first Darren wanted to support her and be a loyal husband, but he feels that she’s lied to him quite a few times now. Darren really can’t see that it’s Sienna who’s been stirring everything up with the more recent problems.

“Darren now feels that he’s done everything he can to support Nancy and be there for his wife, but now that his young child has been put in danger on a few different occasions, it’s the final nail in the coffin. He believes that the best and safest thing for the Osborne family at the moment is for Nancy to keep her distance.”


“Throughout everything that’s happened, Darren also thinks that Sienna has been his rock with all of her advice – little does he know that it’s poisonous! That’s why he’s chosen Sienna and gone down this route.

“When Nancy was away for her mother’s funeral, Darren did strike up a genuine bond with Sienna. It felt like quite an innocent and sweet relationship. I think Darren choosing Sienna over Nancy is just perfect timing and easy for him. When you have something bad going on in your life, you lean on someone and Sienna has been there every step of the way.

“With that said, I don’t really think it’s a genuine love between Darren and Sienna, and I think Darren will come to realise that himself. Funnily enough, there are some scenes coming up where Tom puts some words in Darren’s ear and makes him realise that he’s not with Sienna for the right reasons. He’s on the rebound.”

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However, he believes that Nancy has what it takes to prove her innocence and reclaim her family:

“Nancy is a little warrior, isn’t she? She’ll do everything she can and she won’t stop until she gets her husband and baby back. At the end of the day, Nancy is a good mother and a good wife.”


But, he admits that when she does get her life back, she will make Darren’s hell for not believing in her:

“Definitely! He’s been completely fooled and manipulated by Sienna. I do relate to Darren’s point of view, though. You’d never think or suspect that someone would act in the way Sienna does. I think someone said once, ‘Nobody pulls the wool over Darren’s eyes… apart from everybody!’ I think that might be a bit harsh though, as he genuinely is trying to do the right thing!”

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Watch Ashley’s Never Mind The Buzzcocks appearance in the clip below:

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  1. anomyous on August 12, 2013 at 4:43 pm

    Why cant darren believe nancy yet once he does find out he will be filled with overwhelming guilt and nancy will never forgive him

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