Hollyoaks Spoilers: Brendan Brady’s (Emmett J Scanlan) final showdown with Walker (Neil Newbon) – Could this be the end? (PICTURES)

Could these pictures show the end of Hollyoaks best-loved villain, Brendan Brady?

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know how Emmett J Scanlan, the super talented actor who plays the double hard double B moustached monster that is Brendan Brady, announced his decision to leave the show earlier this year, sparking much speculation as to just how his character would leave.

But yesterday (Feb 28th) bosses at the popular teen-drama have released these pictures showing a brutal fight between Brendan and his arch-nemesis, Walker (Neil Newbon), stating that it is the final showdown between the two. The question is will it be Brendan’s final showdown, full stop?

There is absolutely no love lost between former undercover-cop, Walker, and the Irish club owner, after Brendan, who believed Walker to be a friend he met in prison, was revealed to in actual fact be in an undercover mission to bring the unpunished murderer to justice.

Things came to an almighty head after last year’s epic Hollyoaks Later series when not only did Brendan uncover the truth about Walker, he also realised that the unhinged ex-copper wasn’t just doing his job for the pay check, it was all fuelled by revenge.

It transpired that Walker’s brother, Cam, had taken dodgy drugs supplied by Brendan and which had lead to his slow death after years in hospital. When he finally passed away Walkers determination increased, and his police handbook was thrown out of the window when the goal of his mission switched from sending Brendan to prison to killing him.

However, when it came to the last showdown between the two Walkers gun ended up killing Riley Costello (Rob Norbury) rather than Brendan, forcing him to go on the run.

But now he is back!

Walker has been using a stray homeless kid, Kevin Foster (Elliott Balchin) to lure Brendan into a false sense of security in order to obtain information from him. But, as fans will have watched this week, things took a sinister turn when Brendan realised he was being played and sent the little scamp on his way.

Walker’s response was to beat the living daylights out of poor Kev and send him to the police to report Brendan for sexual assault in a bid to bring his world crashing down, and it looks set to work too.


As we reported earlier this week, after Brendan appears in court denying the serious charges of sexual assault and ABH, it soon becomes clear that he is fighting a losing battle, forcing Double B to return to form, drinking heavily and beating his boyfriend, Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) to a bloody pulp.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Brendan soon learns that Walker is back and finds him holding a gun to his father, Seamus’ (Fintan McKeown) head.

It is unknown whether Walker pulls the trigger and kills Brendan’s father, who fans will know abused him as a child, but from these pictures we can see that a chase between the once-partners-in-crime ensues taking them to a desolate railway track.

A brutal and savage fight erupts between the two, but viewers will have to wait and see who wins, and if these scenes turn out to be Brendan’s last.

In a statement on the official Hollyoaks website, it is was said: “Has Brendan met his match, and will vigilante Walker finally complete his mad mission to make Brendan pay with his life in the ultimate act of revenge?”

Watch all the drama unfold in the week commencing Monday, March 18 on Channel 4, and keep an eye out for our EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH EMMETT J SCANLAN discussing his characters departure coming very soon!

Watch Brendan and Walker in happier times during last year’s Hollyoaks Later in the clip below:

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