Hollyoaks Spoilers – Brendan Brady’s Final Dance: Bronagh Waugh says it was her idea for Cheryl to kill Seamus!

by Anna Howell

Hollyoaks fans everywhere were shocked to see the normally sweet and morally stubborn Cheryl Brady raise a gun and take her own father’s life last week, and Bronagh Waugh, the actress who plays her says it was all her idea!

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know how, after discovering that Seamus (Fintan McKeown) had abused her beloved big brother, Brendan Brady (Emmett J Scanlan), Cheryl walked in on what was almost certainly about to be a chapter in history repeating itself, with Seamus leant over her terrified brother, ready to attack.

Armed with a un that she had found in her flat, Cheryl didn’t even hesitate as she pulled the trigger to stop Brendan’s ordeal, leading to a huge police showdown.

During the showdown, Brendan admitted to the killing, as well as a few others, before being shot down and arrested by police allowing Cheryl to run off into the sunset with her husband-to-be Nate.

Now, with the entire Brady Brunch gone from our Hollyoaks screens, Bronagh Waugh has been discussing the details of her exit with Digital Spy, and has revealed that it was her idea for Cheryl to kill her dad:

“Well, what happened was myself and Emmett actually pitched the idea of this exit storyline together, so we knew how it was going to play out for a long time. Leaving was a decision we made together and we knew this storyline would be the end of the line for both of us. But the story was just so good.

“It was actually Emma Smithwick, the previous producer, who we pitched the idea to, and she thought it was fantastic. Bryan Kirkwood has been a huge part of it as well. Emma and Bryan worked on it together before Emma left, and they both agreed it would be a great way for us to go.”

“Yes, it was my idea [for Cheryl to kill Seamus]. Everyone always sees Cheryl as so na├»ve and so vulnerable. But when you think about it, she was so ballsy and strong when she first came into the show. Cheryl’s love for her brother is so strong, but she’s missed this massive part of his life for so long.

“We needed to have a massive pay-off, so I wanted it to be the ultimate story of Cheryl protecting Brendan. I think it makes up for all the times that she buried her head in the sand and missed things, like the clues pointing to the abuse.

“I think the shooting was an example of the real biological love that is held together by blood. You have that animalistic instinct to protect your brother. Cheryl knew she had to protect him in that instant, but then her whole world fell apart and she didn’t know what to do next.

“It was important for me to take Cheryl further, because I was tired of her always burying her head in the sand and not seeing things, because I think she’s smarter than that.”

However the actress stands by her alter-ego’s actions:

“I don’t think she’ll ever regret what she did, because ultimately she got rid of somebody who had so badly damaged her brother. It’s a huge shock to discover that the father you loved so deeply and sought approval from this monster. I think if Cheryl could do it again, she would.

“However, Cheryl would feel incredibly guilty about Brendan going down. That’s the hardest thing to cope with – that Brendan wants to make the ultimate sacrifice by protecting her, because she’s got her whole life ahead of her. What eats her up the most is knowing that her brother is doing time.”

On her plans for the future, the actress continued:

“Bryan’s been amazing and has left it open for me. I would never say never about going back to Hollyoaks.”

“I’d love to wield a gun again! Doing it in my final week on Hollyoaks gave me a taste to do a bit of action. I’d love to play a really tough female cop. I think that’d be really fun.”

Hollyoaks can be seen week night’s at 6.30pm on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD.