Hollyoaks Spoilers: Bronagh Waugh teases Cheryl Brady’s exit!

by Anna Howell

Hollyoaks fans everywhere have wanted nothing more than a happy ending for Cheryl Brady, but now, with that almost an option, Bronagh Waugh, the actress who plays her, has explained it may not be that simple!

We announced earlier this year that after four years of playing the bubbly business minded Brady, Bronagh had decided to quit, at the same time as her on-screen brother, Emmett J Scanlan.

The fact that these two siblings were leaving together, and even filmed their final scenes together last month too, meant that the exit was bound to be jam-packed with drama, with not a lot of room left for fairytales.

However, when Cheryl’s love interest from last year’s Hollyoaks Later, Nate, turned up in the village revealing that he was in fact a multi-millionaire who wanted to marry her and whisk her away to a castle in Ireland, there seemed like there was still a glimmer of hope.

Now, as we sit waiting with bated breath for next Fridays grand finale for the Brady family (of which we know that Seamus is shot by an unknown assailant and that Brendan gets shot by police after admitting to the crime along with all the ones he has actually committed), Bronagh Waugh has explained to Digital Spy what we can look forward to.

When asked why she had decided to leave the show, Bronagh explained:

“I made my decision a while ago. It was just after I started filming The Fall, but when I spoke to the producers about it, I told them that it was a really, really difficult decision to make. I knew where the storyline was heading, so I said that I’d stay for as long as it took to get this story told. I was very passionate about telling it and I really wanted to do Cheryl justice.

“It’s tough because I’ve been in Hollyoaks for four years, so it is like my home. It’s given me such incredible opportunities, and I’ve had the chance to tell some amazing stories. Cheryl is so dear to my heart and she’s one of my favourite characters that I’ve played. I wouldn’t have stayed with the show for so long if I wasn’t having so much fun.

“But I just think the opportunity to do The Fall gave me the hunger to try out other things again. It’s quite unusual as an actor to stay in one role for so long. I think some people are built to do soaps and stay there for 20 years, but I love taking on different roles, absorbing them and throwing myself into the research.

“I’m really grateful to Hollyoaks because I learned everything on the job, and that’s the best way to be. It’s an amazing training ground and I learned all of my television skills there. I’m immensely proud of Hollyoaks and a huge supporter of it – I always will be.”

With regards to next week’s exit storyline for Cheryl and Brendan, the actress continued:

“Everything seems to be coming together for Cheryl at the moment, and that’s fantastic. I think anyone who’s been a fan of Cheryl will know that she’s always been so unlucky in love, but now it feels like everything is finally coming together for her. I’ve always wanted her to fall in love with the right guy and it’s within grasp with Nate at the moment.

“But in typical Brady fashion, nothing ever goes to plan! It’s going to be a massive week for Cheryl, because her happy ending is so close and in reach – but then it’s thrown into jeopardy.

“The most important man in Cheryl’s life, even beyond Nate, is Brendan. Those two characters are so inextricably linked and they have such a beautiful relationship. Their whole world is about to come crashing down, and nothing for Cheryl will ever be the same again. Everything that’s about to happen will leave her with massive life questions. Everything that she knew and trusted in life is going to be turned upside down.”

Finally, Bronagh revealed her hopes for the legacy that Cheryl Brady will leave behind her:

“I hope the viewers remember her for being bubbly, big and vivacious with a heart of gold. She was like a 100-mile-an-hour Tasmanian devil, but she had an absolute bursting heart.

“Cheryl made lots of mistakes along the way but was ultimately a loveable character. I think she’s daft and crazy, but you can’t help but love her. She means well with everything that she did.”

Watch Cheryl and Brendan’s exit all next week at 6.30pm on Channel4/ Channel 4 HD.