Hollyoaks Spoilers: Cameron is released from prison & kidnaps Sam Lomax! (PICTURES)

hollyoaks cameron 1

hollyoaks cameron 1

We knew there was more to Cameron’s story in Hollyoaks, and next week viewers will get to see it all unfold.

To refresh your memories, Cameron (Cameron Moore) is the childhood sweetheart of show regular Leela Lomax (Kirsty-Leigh Porter) and the biological father of her secret daughter, Peri Lomax (Ruby O’Donnell).

Fans will know how recently Leela’s mum Sam (Lizzie Roper) went to pay Cameron a visit in prison, where he has been for the past fifteen years, where it was revealed that he is only there because police officer Sam set him up for an armed burglary he did not commit, to warn him to stay away from her family otherwise she will make sure his sentence, which is nearly over, is doubled.

Leela is completely unaware of this and tried to visit Cameron herself but was left believing that her parents were right about him all along when he stood her up in the visiting room.

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But when Cameron is released next week he heads straight for Hollyoaks, hell-bent on telling Leela the truth.

But of course in order to do this Cameron first of all has to eliminate the main obstacle between him and his one true love, and promptly kidnaps Sam.

Meanwhile, the arrival of Cameron couldn’t come at a worse time for Leela’s current love interest, Ziggy (Fabrizio Santino) who has just dumped Leela after she refused to move in with him, a move he very quickly regrets.

In a bid to protect his new relationship Ziggy pays Cameron a little visit and tries to warn him off Leela, but his words fall on deaf ears.

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So it is incredibly lucky for Ziggy when later on the Lomax family home is burgled, with Leela getting hurt in the process, and Cameron is promptly being arrested for the crime, don’t you think?

Watch all the drama unfold in Hollyoaks on Tuesday, July 22 and Wednesday, July 23 at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD – In the meantime watch Cameron’s introduction video in the clip below (and make sure you log in next week to see our EXCLUSIVE interview with Kirsty-Leigh Porter, who plays Leela about this story, and more):