Hollyoaks Spoilers: Charlie Clapham says Joe’s death makes Freddie uncomfortable (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

by Anna Howell
hollyoaks freddie roscoe

hollyoaks freddie roscoe

It certainly hasn’t been a good year for Freddie Roscoe in Hollyoaks so far!

The loveable rogue has been trying desperately to detach himself from the evil clutches of Trevor Royle (Greg Wood) and Fraser Black (Jesse Birdsall), but the real person he should have been worried about was his own step-sister, Grace (Tamara Wall).

Fans of the award-winning Channel 4 soap will know how on his wedding day to Sinead (Stephanie Davis) Freddie (Charlie Clapham) was ordered by Grace to murder Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) or lose one of his loved-ones instead.

The loved one in question turned out to be Freddie’s big brother Joe (Ayden Callaghan) who had been kidnapped by the alpha-female and held hostage in the derelict council flats left destroyed by last year’s home-made bomb explosion – On the same night that they were due to be demolished!

Freddie and Fraser tried desperately to get to the Roscoe mechanic in time, but upon arrival they saw nothing but rubble and, after being ordered away by Fraser, Freddie was later told the heart-breaking news that Joe didn’t make it.

This forced Freddie to try and hide his brother’s death from the rest of his family, making them believe that he had left the village to get away from his fiancée Lindsey (Sophie Austin), but we have all since seen the tale-tale signs that he is about to crack….

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Unreality TV caught up with Charlie Clapham, who plays Freddie Roscoe, who told us EXCLUSIVELY what Freddie is going through right now:

“All the stuff that is going on now, in the aftermath of Joe’s death, is making Freddie really uncomfortable.  This is just a whole new level of Freddie’s conscience and plight into darkness.

“This is a member of his family, and not only does he have to deal with the fact that he is dead, he also has to deal with the fact that the rest of the Roscoe’s don’t know and he has to manifest these lies to them.

“Not only that but every time he goes to open the door the lock seems to have just been turned.  There is pressure from Fraser, there is pressure from Sinead, and this spider web of lies he is caught in seems to be closing in.”

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This makes for some pretty heavy filming for Charlie, who explains how he has tried to keep his character’s reactions as believable as possible throughout this dramatic storyline:

“While I am doing some of these scenes something I try and think about is how claustrophobic I might feel if I were to tell a lie – You know when you tell a little white lie sometimes and it has to grow into a bigger lie because you don’t want someone else finding out something else, it can be as harmless as anything.  So can you imagine lying to your family about one of them being dead?

“You feel suffocated playing that out, but at the same time you have to try and make every scene a little bit different, that you are not playing the same tone because for everyone who might switch on the TV – From people turning on occasionally to the growing hard-core fan base who watch it every day and are really absorbing the storylines, I don’t want anyone to watch any of my scenes and think ‘this is the same thing’.

“There is always a different level of stress with Freddie!”

hollyoaks freddie roscoe 1

As Charlie explained to us EXCLUSIVELY over Christmas Freddie has spent the last 12 months battling with his conscience whilst trying to get his life back on track, so we wondered how tempted he becomes to tell his family the truth, despite the repercussions for him:

“I think he would love to.  He has such a burning desire to just wipe the slate clean.  I think he has started to think ‘what am I gaining from being a free man?’

“His life is rubbish now, his life is just rubbish!  He is caught in a weird love triangle which really isn’t working out for him, bless his cotton socks, his brother Is dead – not because of him, but because of a set of circumstances he was involved in, his mum has married into a gangster family making his new stepdad his secret boss – So there is no point in him being alive or being out of prison as far as he is concerned, and that is the dangerous part I think.

“When Freddie gets a licence to not care anymore about his own path, that is when you will start to see things start to happen that you, and even himself, wouldn’t expect from him.

“Some of the scenes are really beautifully written where half way through a scene there will be a shift as something is mentioned and darts into his mind.  It is almost like he is a puppet because so many people have got strings on him – None of his actions are actually coming from him.  And I think the only thing you can do in that sort of situation is to maintain your humility and vulnerability.

“The last thing I want is for the audience to just think that Fred is turning evil, that’s not what is happening – He is being put in these circumstances by other people and he is not doing it on purpose, he is doing it because he has no other choice.”

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Of course it is not only the lie about Joe that is keeping Freddie up at night, he also has the weight of knocking Jim McGinn (Dan Tetsell) down and leaving him for dead on his conscience too, on which Charlie commented:

“With the Jim scenario, as many negatives as there are for Freddie in this situation, there are also huge plusses in terms of whatever has been done wrong to him, and the wrongs that he has done, if he gets found out then everyone else goes down with him – It’s almost like a domino effect.

“At the moment everyone is holding each other up.  If Freddie collapses, then Fraser collapses and Grace and so on and so forth, like a chain reaction.

“So anything that Freddie has done, like accidentally knocking down Jim to avoid Mercedes, Fraser would use all of his power to make sure that never comes back to Freddie.  It’s a vice-versa thing, if Freddie says you have to sort this out, then Freddie will be looked after in that sense… But that’s all I can tell you about what happens next with Jim.”

Hollyoaks can be seen week nights at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD.