Hollyoaks Spoilers: John Paul McQueen’s ordeal at the hands of Finn O’Connor begins… (PICTURES)

by Anna Howell
hollyoaks john paul mcqueen 1

hollyoaks john paul mcqueen 1

The seeds are beginning to be sewn for one of the most hard-hitting Hollyoaks storylines of all time, and we have the pictures to show you.

As we previously reported, John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) is set to find the homophobic teasing at the hands of his students, Finn O’Connor (Keith Rice) and Robbie Roscoe (Charlie Wernham) upped to devastating levels when he is subjected to a brutal and savage sexual attack.

For weeks fans have watched as Robbie and Finn have egged each other on, tormenting the English teacher whilst subjecting him to humiliating and cruel pranks.

And the stakes get upped another gear next week when Finn sets up his teacher to be covered in a vat of lunch debris in front of a class full of students.

Proud of his nasty antics, Finn takes delight in letting Robbie know it was him who pulled the prank, which impresses his friend no end, but the tables turn when Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) finds out who was responsible and informs Finn’s stepfather, Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard).

hollyoaks finn o'connor

Appalled by Finn’s behaviour, Tony orders the teenager to apologise to John Paul, which causes the two thugs to turn their pranks on him too.

In a bid to teach Tony a lesson, Finn tells Robbie about £10,000 he knows that Tony has stored in the gym that he owns, and the boys plot to find it and take it for themselves.

It is this last scam that is said to lead up to the devastating rape storyline, which will see Finn attack his teacher later next month when John Paul finds out who was responsible for the robbery.

Robbie is terrified that JP will inform the police, and the pair will end up in serious trouble, so orders Finn to make sure the English teacher stays quiet – an order which Finn takes very seriously indeed as he subjects JP to a brutal sexual attack.

Due to the watershed restrictions that impose Hollyoaks, the rape itself will take place away from our screens, with the focus of the storyline being centred on the consequences and aftermath for all characters involved.

Watch all the drama unfold in Hollyoaks on Tuesday, January 7, Wednesday, January 8, Thursday, January 9 and Friday, January 10 at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD.